Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is So COOL!

We got a new toy!

I actually got a toy-but I am nice and sharing and letting my children play with it as well.

We have a Wii-we love it.

My sis got the active and said it was cool.

So-since I do everything she says-I went and got one too.

This little game-kicks your butt.

My kids love it too.

Even my hubby loves it as well!


They have a 30 day challenge that you can do.

I started day one today.

I was dripping sweat!

It's all different kinds of exercises that pre-planned or you can pick your own.

My kids are fielding balls right now. They don't even realize that they are exercising.

I have read if you put your goals on paper-or in this case in type-you are more likely to achieve them.

So-I am starting and exercise/eating right plan.

I need to lose weight. My knees hurt and I am sick of being a little more jiggly than I would like.

Here's my plan:

Active-every day

Pilate's: Wed and Friday

Weigh in: Every Wednesday

Cut Diet coke consumption to 2 a week. (i am actually doing really good at this.)

I know, You are all thinking-yea right-she has said that before.

I found this (again, my sis told me to get it and since I do EVERYTHING she says...)

This little gem has helped the water intake big time and it tastes super yummy-I highly recommend this as well. NO funky aftertaste either.

Last but not least-take every effort as a win. I am so hard on myself.

Aren't we all?

That is another reason why the active is so great. The chick tells you how great you are and that you are working hard and you are awesome and all kinds of good stuff.

I wish I could just turn her on so she could tell me how great I am ALL the time.

Just think someone telling you that you are rocking those towels or the dishes have never been so clean. Imagine the possibilities.

So-now my goals are out for all to see. Mandy over at Mandie Shandi's does a Weight Watcher Wednesday-she has lost almost 30 pounds (yes-she rocks) she posts recipes every week and little tips to help you. If you need a little nudge in the right direction-who doesn't-head on over and check her out. She also has some really fun decor ideas as well.

So-if you too are jumping on this bandwagon or you are having success already-share some tips and ideas that work for you. I figure the more of us that help each other-the better!

Thanks for listening gals-you all rock!!!


Sarah said...

A bunch of my friends have started a blog to support each other in weight loss/healthy lifestyles/etc. It's fun to read their tips and encouragement - anything that motivates me to get moving is good. The blog is

Anonymous said...

we have wii fit. and we LOVE IT!!!!!!
you go excited for you :)
i need to email you back...i will, havin't forgot about

go kick some butt!!

Jen said...

Way to go Taush! We have a wii, I think I'm gonna go get a wii fit now!!

Lori said...

Go Taush - good luck!

Chelsie said...

brandon wants this really bad, but since we would have to also buy a wii, and now isn't really the time to be STARTING an exercise program, i plan on getting it after we have the baby, maybe for christmas! i'm impressed with you taush! you're doing awesome, and crystal light is amazing, at least when you don't throw it up. :-) love ya

Kellie said...

By the way.. I love your chairs and wagon.. sorry I have had them so long!

Jessica G. said...

We love our Wii Fit - except when it starts talking trash about us to our kids...

The Huffies said...

Hooray for you! I'm proud of you -I want to come play with your new toy too!

Tonya said...

We should totally start a neighborhood blog for fitness...the more people helping us the better...I fell off the band wagon at the end of april and have now gained back the 8 i lost. I need help to get back into it. have you tried the great value brand of crystal light? they have a rasberry one I love and cherry lemonade which is ok, but my new fav is white grape its delicious!

Crazycozartclan said...

I got the Active this week too. I got the wii fit for christmas and liked it, but the Active is way better. I've been running 3 miles 3 days a week and doing the Active 30 day program too, WAY TO GO on getting started. Swimsuit season is great motivation isn't it. I love crystal light too. I guess we need to call each other more :)