Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look what I got!!!

So-my dryer is going out. Crap!!!
I have to dry ALL clothes for 3 sessions at 90 mins on high. Not exicted to see the bill. So because of this, I went dryer shopping today.
It really was not that fun.
Why is dryer shopping not fun?
Whats that, I like all kinds of shopping.!
I don't think that this should be called shopping.
Shopping is fun!
You get to go and spend money on things that are fun like furniture, clothes, shoes and purses!
Not appliances!
Why is it that we have to spend so much money on a dryer.
Really, think about it.
We spend a butt load of money on something that we don't even like.
Come on-who likes to do laundry?
I don't believe you.
It's the job that is never checked off the list.
So-why am I talking about a washer AND a dryer.
You thought I only needed a dryer.
I did, but this was just too good to pass up.
So, we bought both.
The washer is on it's last leg.
I figure with my luck, it would probably break about Christmas.
What a fun present-a washer!!
Just what I always wanted!
So-I thought that I would nip it in the bud-and be the early bird for once!!!
I know am the proud owner of a LG SUPER CAPACITY WASHER AND DRYER!!
It will hold and clean 26 towells.!!
Holy CRAP!!
That was the selling poing-26 towells!
I don't even own 26 towells.
I want to go and buy some, just so I can see if they are telling the truth.
Not that I have the cash to do so.
I did just buy a freaking WASHER AND DRYER!!
I will let you know if it is really as great as everyone says it is.

So-if you have this beautiful washer and dryer, or any front loader, tell me all about how fabulous it is. How much money it saves you, how HAPPY it makes you, stuff like that. I am super excited, really I am.
I am as excited as a girl can be with a new washer and dryer.
Who knows-maybe this new TOY-will allow me to check it off the list.
We'll see!!
Hope So!!!


Lola said...

I HATE laundry!!! I line dry everything (by choice) except undies and socks.

I want that dryer too!!

Rae said...

You are going to LOVE your new washer and dryer!! Every time I'm pregnant I get all freakoid about germs and the house not being clean enough for a newborn. This last pregnancy I demanded a new washer and dryer. I now have the Kenmore He4T & He4. There's no goin' back once you switch to front loaders. I don't mind doing laundry...too much, anyway. And the craziest part of all of this? I've NEVER used the Sanitary cycle. Too long and too much hot water! But don't tell DK!!

tinabean1988 said...

I'm so jealous I've been wanting those babies for a very long time now.
So very happy for you!!!

Chelsie said...

Ah I am so jealous...but with three girls you definitly need these!! You will love it! When my dryer was on the fritz I used my moms for a week, and I LOVED them!!! See you saturday

Us the Hadley's said...

Ok, I don't know why but just seeing the picture and the title made me laugh. Hopefully ours will go out soon!!! our's dances down the hall and back though. I will miss that!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh IM SUPER JEALOUS!!! I looove those! Very pretty! did I just said that a washer and dryer was pretty?

Lori said...

Okay Taush, I have the same ones but GE. And I too was super excited when I got them. Moving into a new house and not having one right away really gets you excited for stuff like this. One thing, after you wash, leave the door to the washer open for a while to dry out - otherwise, you could get somewhat of a mildy smell. At least that is what I have to do - never had that with a top loader. Have fun!

elizasmom said...

Oooh. My mom has these (although she might have a smaller version). Anyway, she loves them so much that when I came to visit, one of the things on our to-do list was a demonstration of her washer and dryer. And they ARE quite nice.

Amie said...

Yes, I too hate laundry. And I bet you will have laundry done for awhile, then it will start to pile up again when the new-ness wears off. I know that would happen to me. Like when you get a new couch or something.....The family room stays so cleam for awhile, then it's back to messy. That is so my life!

Megan said...

I don't mind laundry, but if you could find some super duper awesome machine that will make me want to dust - sign me up for that. Maybe you will see something on one of those many shopping shows you like to watch ;) Until then enjoy your new washer and dryer - they look fabulous!

Melissa said...

Oooohh... pretty and shiney... I'm a tad jealous. I think I can get 5 full sized towels in my washer. Yeah. 5.

Bonnie the Boss said...

So pretty! I am so jealous! One of these days.

Crazycozartclan said...

Love them! I bought a new washer and dryer a couple of years ago and went very very sensible. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! If I did it again I would totally go big. I deserve something very cool for the amount of laundry I do every week. Enjoy.

Melanie said...

Please let me know if you totally LOVE them!!! I almost had my hubby talked into the same ones last year when ours finally gave out and then he came home one day and told me his brother was getting rid of his old set...guess which ones I got?! :)

Alison Wonderland said...

I am jealous of your washer and dryer but I still don't think you'll ever actually finish the laundry.
Maybe if you joined a nudist colony???

Jessica G. said...

My beef with laundry is that it NEVER ends! Just when you get caught up, lookie there! Another load waiting for you.

Cute washer and dryer! I am a tiny bit jealous.

Nicole said...

Oh you lucky duck!!! Your going to love your front loader. Me bought one in the winter and it's been awesom. It does such a good job. It's so worth the extra money. Now I want the dryer to go with it though. Well probobly have to wait untill the dryer we have dies first. I love the grey color, it almost makes laundry excited for a while :) Did you get my e-mail about the card swap?

Debra said...

We just got our front loaders about a month ago. The biggest ones on the market. I AM IN HEAVEN. If I do ever get backed up on laundry, I can knock it out in a day. My front loaders hold two loads of my old w/d. It is HEAVEN!!

I have not seen a bill yet. So I do not know about the utilities bill going down. I DO love the fact that mine has a built in water heater (Bosch) so that it does not have to drain my hot water heater to wash whites.

Ben & Carol said...

LUCKY! I'm jealous...can I come over to do my Bear Lake laundry??? I'm swamped :) I hope you're doing me so we can finish our conversation about the "phone doctor". Bye! Carol

Jill said...

I'm having washer/dryer envy.

Three years ago when we moved here, we needed to get a new washer and dryer because our new house uses gas appliances, and our old ones were electric. (Besides, the old ones were having problems) But our new ones aren't as cool as yours! Sitting there all shiny and new..........
I can't tell you from experience how wonderful they are, and how much money they'll save, but just the mere fact that I'm jealous should make you feel good about your purchase.

I teach my kids to do their own laundry when they're about eight. My #3 taught himself how to do laundry when he was 5. This way, they can't come complaining to me if they're out of clean socks. They get to learn responsibility by taking care of their own clothes, and making sure they have clean ones to wear. (Or if they forget, you can just spray them down with febreeze before they leave the house) (not that I've ever sprayed my kids with febreeze ;0)

Sherri said...

You are so lucky!!! I WANT to go shopping for a dryer like that!!!

Julie said...

I have the LG and I love these front loaders.

Us the Hadley's said...

Hey I heard about the reading glasses!! you are so sweet!!

Kelley said...

YEAH! Those are SOOOO PRETTY! Laundry will be a lot more fun I'm sure!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ooooh, VERY nice! Even my husband is looking forward to when we get a frontloader set (someday!). Those look great!!

~ Sarah

Shirlee said...

Ooh, those are nice! When we moved into our house two years ago, my inlaws bought us a new washer and dryer as a house warming gift. Nothing fancy but I did request a front loader. Love it! They clean the clothes a lot better and use less water.
I've passed along a couple of awards to you, pop on over and pick 'em up when you get a chance.
Have a great day! :)

Infarrantly Creative said...

Thanks for the comment lovin. You are too sweet. I AM ENVIOUS beyong belief of these babies. Lucky duck.