Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the most terrible,horrible, no good, very bad MOM

Yep-that's me. At least that is what my kids will tell you. Especial today.

I guess there is some "new" parenting book circling the universe that tells us moms that we should Not ever, no never, give our children work or responsibility.

My children apparently have read this.
Why else would they pull out all the stops when it comes to work?
I know that I didn't teach it to them, my hubby didn't either.
So, where...?

Yes, I will admit that I have maybe taught them some swear words.
How to find a bargain.
How to love chocolate and rely on diet coke (not too proud of this one)
but I have never thrown myself on the floor when I have to do laundry or make my bed.

Am I alone?

Are my loverly children the only ones in the universe who do this?
Look at them! Do they look like they could be evil.
Believe me, they can!

Now, I must admit, there are some things going on in my life right now, that are really throwing me for a loop. I know that my patience is not what is should be, and I am not as happy as I could be, but what am I supposed to do?

So-what do you think?
Should I try and find this new "parenting" book or maybe sell them to the gypsies? (do they even exist?)
Whatever I do, I think that I will be eating chocolate for lunch.
Now the only decision I will have to make is milk or dark~much easier!


Lybbert's said...

I don't believe it, NOT FOR A SECOND!


Now, excuse me while I cry as my kids are tearing apart the house.

;-) Hang in there!

Julie said...

I so understand with all the drama..espcecially from kids.
Hope that things get better. :)

The Haley Family said...

ah...I know the feeling. Today I told my oldest son (9) to clean his room if he wanted to go fishing...and OH MY would have thought I told him he had to lick the toilet clean!

Don't get the book...anyone who wrote that you shouldn't give your children responsibilities must not remember that children turn into adults and those kind of adults will NOT make the world a better place!!

Good luck...and can I 'link' you??

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Hey, have some fun with it. Next time they ask YOU to do something, collapse onto the floor, crying and wailing and see what kind of reaction you get.

Lola said...

It always amazes me that EVIL can come in such adorable packages.

Eat Milk chocolate, with a Dark chaser!

Susie Harris said...

School... it'a a good thing! Girl I just cant wait... Im counting down the days... Can I get a Amen! Susie h~

Chelsie said...

Ha, they are pretty cute though. I love though pics! See you in the morning

Melissa said...

Perhaps my kids have read the same book. Hmm... too bad I believe in the "no treats, no friends, no tv, no toys" till your jobs are done. They can sit on their beds and do nothing if they choose, but there will be no fun in the house till the work is complete. I'm horrid, but they're starting to get the hang of it!

Rachel said...

I made the countdown chain in honor of you! And I feel your pain. Are all we mom's rowing in the same boat?


Hang in there. And take it easy when the kiddies leave. Enjoy the break!

Lori said...

Oh, I can't wait for this to start happening to me! Love the pic of 3 in her boots - too cute!

Melanie said...

Yes we have that book. My girls wrote it!!!! (I say this as Chloe is laying at my feet kicking and screaming!!!!!) She is working on a sequel.

Tonya said...

I'm coming over right now with more chocolate in case you have run out. You can have it for dinner too ;)

Nicole said...

Ummm, can I come have some chocolate with you? Yea, my kids pull the same crap. I ask my daughter to make her bed and you'd think I asked her to clean the whole neighborhood. A few more weeka and we will have some peace and quite at least until like 3:00.

Blarney said...

I just received school registration forms in the mail today and filled them out in the driveway ... yeah I am so ready for school to start.
My kids got the hint they should pick up their crap when I vaccum with a garbage bag. If the vac doesn't suck it up and its in my way if goes in the bag never to be seen again. I even vac the day before pickup so its in the driveway as a reminder. I am sooooo mean! Yes ~ I used my best evil laugh ...
Thanks for stopping in the other day & hang in there!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Ha! I saw a bumper sticker today that it sounds like you would appreciate. It said "I like giving homemade gifts...which child would you like first?" It definitely made me smile!

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious! Ya know, I think My girls have read that same part somewhere---Grrrrrr! Makes me so angry!

ps---you are a DARLING "REAL" mom!

Heather said...

Mmmmmm....chocolate for dinner. Hang in there! We're all in the same boat.

tinabean1988 said...

They don't look evil, but they ALL are!!!
If you do find the book I suggest that you burn it.
As for the chocolate What the Hell eat both!!!

Alison Wonderland said...

Actually. Yeah, they look to me like they could be evil. Sorry, but I know that innocent wide-eyed look too well to trust it.

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Look at those sweet angelic faces - they couldn't possibly throw temper tantrums, could they..?! :) I know, it's so hard to get them to pitch in. And I am not even talking the regular housecleaning stuff - just getting them to pick up their own messes is pure torture! I was so excited to have all 3 home for the summer. To spend some lazy days lounging around, not waking up early but now September is looking mighty Good right now! My youngest will be in preschool for part of the day and as much as I was feeling sad about that, I can't wait to have about 4 hours to myself 3 times a week! whoo hoo! And something has happened to my 11 year old - this normally sweet natured, "sure Mom" kind of girl has regressed into temper tantrums too! Oh no! I thought things were to get easier as they get older! My older two were at camp for a week and as much as I missed them, the moment they got back they were fighting again! Now I am thinking - do they have summer long sleep away camps? And supposedly we are going to miss all this torture someday when they move out! Go figure!:) Hang in there, a little bit of threatening ("i'm coming in there with a garbage bag and taking YOUR FAVORITE item!") and some guilt ("Do you want Mommy to be upset all the time?") goes a long way! :) ~ Laurie

Rachel said...

They are too cute! We know all too well that looks can be very deceiving though, don't we!!
I'm so glad you found me again so I could 'find' you! I think it's just a natural kid thing to test their boundaries with each new discovery and age.
Stay strong honey! You'll make it through, and let me know if you find those gypsies!!!

Jessica G. said...

I know one teen who told her mom she was going to get pregnant so she wouldn't have to go to school anymore. I wonder if that's in the "new parenting" book, too...?

Debra said...

You are SO not alone.

And I second what Hot Tub Lizzy said to do. I did it last week. I refused to get them dinner. I started whining and went to play games on Webkinz. LOL It worked for a couple of days!

Marie said...

Oh YOU are funny! And I don't believe for one second those cute girls wouldn't make their beds. :o)

Susie Harris said...

I like the chairs different then the table.. I think it gives it a little edge.. What's gel stain? I never heard of that before... Susie h~

Shannon said...

I don't get it either!! :) I nanny for two kids and as soon as I say "its clean up time" they disappear!

Jill said...

Chocolate is great for lunch............ but better for breakfast! (Except I like to wash mine down with Diet Dr. Pepper)
My son brought home his presents from his birthday party, and left them right in the middle of the family room. Three times on Friday, I nicely asked him to put them in his room.
Four times on Saturday, I nicely asked him to put them in his room.
Five times on Sunday, I nicely asked him to put them in his room.
Sunday night, I yelled at him to put those darn toys in his room!!
He fell on the floor and screamed "I WOULD PUT THEM AWAY IF YOU ASKED ME NICELY!!!"
Don't even get me started on what he did when I asked him to do his laundry.

We have been known to threaten to sell our children to the gypsies.