Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update and the FREAKING Heat!!

OK-so those of you who want to know about the Dr-read the following paragraph. If you don't care-(which I would totally understand) read the 2ND paragraph!

I have a friend who works for a back/pain Dr. She got me in the day after I called. Just go's to show, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
So-I went on Tuesday. I made my hubby go. He always has to go to all of my first appts. I do this just so he knows I am not crazy when I report back.
I went-she shook my hand and hubbie's. First impression was good.
She asked while I was there-I told here, she then preceded to ignore me while she did the examination. I would ask questions and she would give one word answers. She was starting to annoy me.
You have to understand. I have been to a LOT of Dr's. I read up about everything I can. My hubby does even more research.
So-we had found some things that would be beneficial to us. Injections if the abdominal wall. Injections in my hip. My pelvic pain being caused by my back. (the reason why I was there)
We asked her these things. She was very very rude!
She answered most questions stating that she had been a Dr for 25 years. Then she would tell me that all the things that we had researched were almost completely impossible.
Basically making me feel like a total idiot for asking all my questions.
She even told me I was stupid for asking the question about exercise. Whether of not I should be doing it.
Now, I am not stupid. I know that exercise is good for you. I normally would not ask this, but other Dr's including my PT total me not too. The reason-it increases my pain.
She was just so rude and condescenindg.
To say that she was a witch would be a nice term. Her bedside manor had been forgotten in all of her years of practice. I really hated her.
My hubby was not too impressed with her either.
She might be extremely smart and she obviously a good Dr because it takes quite a while to get into.
Regardless-she was a witch but with a B.
I am not discounting her. She might be able to help me. I go back next week with new MRI results. Even if she is a snot and says mean, condescending things, she might be able to help. I am not going to quit.
I do have another appt. on Monday with another pain Dr. I am really hoping that it will be a better apt.
So-I am complaining. It's my blog, I get to do that. Right?
More info will be had next week. I really think that we are going the right direction with the Pain Dr's.

Ok-on too the next thought in my head.
It is so hot I can't even handle it!
I don't even want to get dressed or move or do anything.
I lay in one place, either the fan on, eating a Popsicle.
They say that we are getting AZ and Vegas heat.
Well-move on already.
They have pools and central air. I don't.

I lost my camera.
Yes, all please go ahead and cry a few tears.
A good thing-I had just emptied the pics of the card just the other day.
I am still very sad.
I don't really want to buy a new one.
But, what do you do?
So-no pics for a while.
boring, i know. especially since I am re-doing my master bedroom. It is super cute. I will have to borrow a camera.
Chels-don't you have two?
Can i borrow the extra till I get a new one?

Ok-I am off to strip and eat another Popsicle.
I know this post was lame.
But the fish pic had to get off the page.
I was getting grossed out by it every time I saw it.
I hope you all have a great 4th! Be safe, wear sunscreen and eat lots of watermelon, corn of the cob and home made ice cream! That is what the 4th is about!


Crazycozartclan said...

I swear the so called "experts" are always the rudest! They think they are the shiz and therefore no one elses opinion matters. Can you tell I've had experience in this dept? Keep at it.... the stupid dr's may not know what is wrong with you but that doesn't mean that nothing is. Have a good 4th of July!

Rachel said...

I hope la' Dr. can help you out. Just don't take any of her crap. She sounds like a real winner, even if she is smarter than adobe photoshop.
Take care or yourself & eat a couple popsicle's for me too, I need something cold as well. It's sooooooo freaking hot here. 97 today. Sigh... Seriously why can't we just run around naked?

Answer: Because I would give everyone nightmares for the rest of their natural life.

Oh and if I lived by you I would have so brought you a flag window and say happy 4th!
I have LOTS of windows laying around. They are in need of good homes. ;)

Have Happy Heat Day- I mean 4th!

Chelsie said...

I do have two, but my other one is slightly broken, 90% of the time, the lens doesn't open...I know lame huh...but it did last me for 3 I can't complain too much. I'm sorry about the dr...hopefully she can still help you. See you tomorrow!

Mama C said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your recipe--it sounds awesome!! I cannot wait to try it! I also loved the muffin tin idea. I pull my hair out w/ my picky eaters but I have been really been trying hard with all of the suggestions left by readers, and have had some success!

Your blog is so pretty, I was admiring your artistic abilities, and all the crafty things you've done in your home.

Sorry to hear about your Doctor experience. If only all docs could have expertise AND bedside manners. Hang in there though, she might have something to offer, despite the fact that she was not polite. I hope you find relief soon.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment, it was nice to meet you!

Nicole said...

Why do doctors have to be such idiots sometimes. It seems like it's so hard to find a Dr. that actually cares about people. I hope you other appointment goes better. Ok, about the scrapbooking class. This month It's on July 22nd, 25th and 26th. You don't have to order anything untill after your first class. She will give you a catalog to order from. I'm trying to get her to come teach a class once a month in my home. She said at least 5 people need to be interested so if you know of anyone else that's into this sort of stuff let me know!

tinabean1988 said...

I hate rude doctors, you would think they would be nice to keep you coming back.
We had a few rude ones at the huntsman cancer inst. in salt lake when Steve was going through his treatments & trying to get ready for a transplant.
I just don't get some of them at all.

And I truly feel your pain about the heat I don't have a pool either or I would invite you over, & I don't have central air either.
Us poor folk!!!

Jill said...

Crying for your camera :*(

While you're sitting there roasting, do what I do. Think about how much you hate driving in and shoveling snow.

I used to go to a Dr. like that.
Drove. Me . Crazy.

Hang in there(((hugs)))

Jessica G. said...

I've had doctors like that...ones who treat their patients like they are the disease they have instead of a real person. So sorry she was rude but let's hope you aren't putting up with her attitude for nothing.

And if she can't help you, then maybe you'll get to tell her off! :)

Melissa said...

First of all, I'm sorry you don't have central air! You can come visit me. It's hot as blazes outside, but we have a/c... did you see my post about putting the mylar blankets up in the windows? It has helped TONS!!!
I'm sorry the doc was so rude. Maybe she was having a really horrible day? Maybe she'll be better next time??? In any case, I hope she can help!

elizasmom said...

Just catching up after a busy long weekend, but maaaaaaaaannn. Witch with a capital B is right. Even if she had disagreed with the ideas you brought up for legit reasons, she could've been a whole lot nicer. She had better be VERY helpful to be worth it!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Hey - you've been kinda quiet. Everything okay?

HappyFLMom said...

Feel better soon. I am thinking of you. It's hot here too, but I knew it would be when I decided to move to south Florida. I actually like it. Esp in January.

Anyway - I love to read your snidbits on decorating too. You are giving me ideas. We will be redecorating the kid's rooms in the next coupla months. So keep talking about your talent.

Heidi Reed