Thursday, September 25, 2008

What makes a girl giggle?

Ok-so I want to know, what makes you giggle? Or a laugh out loud belly laugh.

You all know what moments I am talking about.

The kinds that just get you when you least expect it.

I thought that I would share what makes this girl giggle.

I am sure that you are all dying to know.

On the edge of your seats right?

Who blogs about this anyway?

Well people-I have got nothing-nothing else to say.

I know that this is shocking to most of you, but it does happen occassionally.

So-what makes me giggle?

You know that commercial for master card?

The one where there is 3 little boys with their new backpacks, you know the one.

The one where they dance.

You know, the one where the one little boy starts to dance and the other little boys follow.

they talk about being with people who understand the real you-priceless.


it makes me laugh out loud every single time I see it.

I giggle when I think about the time when one my little girls was saying prayers-she still needed a little help-

So.. I whisper to her-Please bless us-

She repeats-Please Bless Texas.

I tried really hard not to giggle.

You know when you are trying to supress a laugh when you shouldn't be laughing.

I was doing that.

She didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Or how about when 4 walks around singing the latest music-

"Apple Bottom Jeans-boots with the furrr.....

She doesn't know any other words-just that sentance.

When she sings it-she shakes her little hips and bum.

She thinks she is all that and a CASE of CHIPS-not just a bag.

I giggle every time she sings that song. (it is often)

I also giggle when I know that I can't watch American Idol without calling my sister so I have someone to make fun of the contestants with.

I am so not kidding about this.

I love when they try out-I call her a LOT when this is going on.

We are terrible!

but, when i think about it-I giggle!
(I would so make fun of these people. Not all the pretty people in the first pic-just the one with the hair. You know the one I am talking about-you would do it too.)

I can't really think about anything else that makes me giggle.

just the standard things, that I didn't list.

Getting a wingin deal for clothes, or better yet, when I get a deal on

other peoples crap that I MUST have when I am thrifting.

OK-go on and tell me what makes you giggle. Or who makes you giggle.

PS the new guy-the red headed surgeon that is a guest on a GREYS tonight. He is a babe. Maybe I only think that because he is tough and new-but either way, I am kind of liking the red headed man.

YEP- my hubby is sitting next to me and rolling his eyes. (his trademark reaction to almost all things that I do)

Oh well!



Inspired Kara said...

What makes me giggle?

Talking in a minnesota accent!!

Coors light comercials durring football.

Kid conversation blog posts.

The Huffies said...

I giggle when I read the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books...they make me laugh out really must read these, they're so funny.

Other things...thinking about when we went out to dinner at Chili's and I tripped and fell on my arse-that was classic.

Crazycozartclan said...

The weird things my kids say. Most of my friends (I have really funny Friends. They even think so)
Funny pictures (see yesterday's post)
Actually a lot of things. I seem to be laughing a lot

Megan said...

Ross. His laughing and his sense of humor is so childish, as is his imagination. I don't think the stuff they show on Americas Funniest Videos is that funny (you know, get hit in the groin kind of stuff) but listening to him laugh his butt off at it is wuite entertaining. Maybe I need to get with it because I have never seen the commercial you mentioned and don't know anything about AI. However, I do know the Apple Bottom Jeans song...only because of Ellen. Yep. I definitely need to get with it.

~Jen said...

I giggle when I rock out to the Jonas Brothers "That's Just The Way We Roll" while sitting in the car pool lane of the elementary school, thus making my 9 year old daughter lay on the floor of my mini-van!

Leeann said...

I giggle at just about everything that comes out of my 3 year old's mouth.
I giggle at my big, fluffy dog chasing flies. Yup, he does.

And I agree....surgeon in uniform? Grrr.... I'll be his "lady in distress".

Chelsie said...

taush i have never seen this commercial, but i think i need to. I love that graci was singing that song, ha that is hilarious...maybe she'll sing it for me tomorrow...what makes me laugh...ah the office