Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok-So I went to the dentist 3x on friday. One to the refular dentist, she sent me to a specialist. He looked at my tooth and said I needed a root canal-so I went back later that night.
My mouth is much better than it was. It's still sore though. I am thinking it is residual effects from the 10 shots that I had cause my mouth wouldn't go numb!
So glad to know that I am not the only one who hates the dentist and all the problems that go with it!
And, I am espescially glad that I am not the only one who is a wuss when it comes to pain in the mouth!
So-thanks so much for all your kind words and the knowledge that I am not the only one who is a teeth wuss!

Ok-boring post. Sorry.
I am going to do a house in a few hours, so I will post some before and after pics later!
Bet you are super excited right?
I am kind of excited about this client.
We will be doing some major "mistreatments" so I am excited to see how it all turns out!

One last thought, the other day 6 was having a moment before school started and she didn't want to go.
So-I grabbed a sharpie and drew a heart on her palm and told her when she was having a h and how hard time-just look at her hand and she would be reminded of how much I loved her and how special she was!
Well-it worked like a charm.
She is a little tenderhearted my 6.
She has always been this way.
So this whole idea was like pure genius!
You like it?
You want to steal it?
Where did I get the idea?
A commercial.
How lame is that?
I am pretty sure it was for juice.
At least I gave props to the juice people.
I didn't want you all to read this and think I was the smartes mom in the world, and then see the commercial and realize that I was just ripping off some company's idea.
I like to think though-that I made it better.
My heart was way cuter than theirs!


Rambling Girl said...

LOL....I found your blog last week and read and read and read....and girl I love it. You are so funny and love your stories...oh and your ideas for decorating...gotta love those to. So glad I came upon your blog page. Love the heart story, I need to try it with Lexi. You know I will have to give you credit cause I don't watch tv that much so I would probably not see it...hehehe so thanks for the heads up on the heart sign. I will let you know how it works with my 4 year old. Have fun today!

Amy said...

I totally feel for you with the whole Dentist thing. I really need to go and I'm not looking forward to the bad news.

I'm glad the little heart gave 6 the comfort she needed to get through the day. My boy is so tenderhearted I worry about when the time comes for him to go to school. I may just have to use the sharpie idea.

Kelley said...

You are too cute! Love the idea...probably will steal it. I REALLY hate the dentist. Even getting a cleaning hurts. But, I have had a root canal and I swear the numbing shots hurt worse than anything.

Kelley said...

Can't wait to see the before and after shots of the house you did :)
Hurry hurry! hehe.

Susie Harris said...

Im such a weenie when it comes to going to the dentist. I have been going to the same one for many many years... Lets just say he has seen me in my teen years... married life... and having three kids... you would think he would feel like family by now. No way! I feel sick just thinking about it.... glad it's all over for ya!

Shannon said...

ohhhh can't wait to see the pics of the house. :)

I'm not sure what that "treat" jar says, you can click on it and enlarge it. The back is the same sticker with "Tricks" on it.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Awww, the heart idea is so sweet. Sometimes I fill my daughter's hand up with kisses so that she has them for later.

Glad you were able to get in and see the dentist!

~ Sarah

Darlene said...

I hope your mouth is feeling much better by now. Too cute with the drawing of the 9 year old will stand at street waiting for the bus and everytime she catches a glimpse of me (cause I am spying on her making sure she is safe...just the mommy in me) she blows me kisses, they have to slap me in the face and I have to blow her some I guess she keeps the love with her throughout her day too.

I have been on a winning streak and I PROMISE you I have NEVER won before. I started entering giveaways the day I started blogging and all of a sudden 3 wins in a row....I am stunned!! I will try to share the winning love with you and let you win some of the giveaways out there in bloggy

Megan said...

I totally saw that commercial. At least you didn't pretend that you made it up...for that I would have mocked you ;) Kidding. Glad it worked though. What I feel the worst about is what you had to pay to get your mouth fixed. I had to have some work done a while back and it sent us back a pretty penney. That craps expensive AND no fun!

Crazycozartclan said...

Cute idea. I think I saw that commercial too. It is my 4 year old boy that doesn't want to go to school. Any ideas? I think that he's not gonna be "into" the heart thing :)

Julie said...

I ran across your blog oh my I hate the dentist also:( Good luck with that and the heart in your hand the commercial stole it from the book The Kissing Hand you should get it for 6 its so cute I have give it to all my nieces and nephews and my son its so cute!
Have a great day:)

Deb said...

Tausha, you are brilliant. I am so going to use this. My little one has been having a hard time going to school in the mornings and this may help her. Thanks for the idea. Hope you get to feeling 100% soon.


AJ said...

Glad you were able to get some relief from the dentist:) I am not so fond of going either! Fortunately I have a dentist who is excellent at numbing so I rarely ever feel a thing! Can't wait to see the before and after pictures. Oh, and get the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. It's a really sweet story:) Sounds much like the sharpie heart idea:)

HappyFLMom said...

Glad you're feeling better. I love the heart story. Awww. You are awesomeness.

Heidi Reed

Chelsie said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better! also that the heart thing worked well with hannah...she is tender hearted but she is definitly the sweetest little girl!