Thursday, February 5, 2009

LauNdRy ReDo...

I never said it was a laundry "room" redo.
See...this is my laundry closet.
I wish that I had a room-but I do like the convenience of the upstairs laundry HOLE!
This is how big it is.
Huge right?
I was so sick of laundry everywhere! We don't have any extra cash right now, so if I wanted something done to this closet-I had to improvise.
Let me tell you-I really wanted to have a cute lamp and laundry sign, but this was not really feasable, with the LaunDrY and all. This is the extent of my "decor" I picked this little white wire basket a long time ago at the thrift store. I was not too sure what I was going to do with it, just knew that one day it would come in handy.
I know that this is kind of hard to see but...the basket is hung from the hook on a shower curtain rod that is in the top of the closet. There is a little space on the right side of the "work horses" so I used it. I put the dryer sheets and stain stuff in it. It really is super convenient to have those things right there.

I know that these pics are kind of hard to see, i don't really have a lot of room to take pics either. Sorry-bear with me here.
I found this wire shelf in the basement. It was perfect to put the girls "CLean ClOthes Containers-CCC
It was too high for 4 to reach, so I found a hook and hung her CCC lower.
I just wired their name tage onto the shelf.

I know that this is not the prettiest picture ever-but this is SOOOO much more organized than it once was.
I stole the little table out of 4's room and shoved it in there. I was able to stack 2 baskets on top and two on the bottom. I even had "room" to put an extra catch all basket on top. I usually just grab the clothes out of the dryer and then come back twice to pick up all the clothes that dropped on the floor cause my clothes load is bigger than my arms.
Now, it will take a hole 30 seconds less to do laundry.
I figure with this system-I should be able to shave off a whole 5 mins. of my laundry time.
Every little bit helps right?
It is a major bonus that now my children can open the doors and put their dirty clothes in the approiate color basket.

I loves these little workers! They are the bestest little friends a girl could have!

Well-them and chocolate. They get along really well.
I should look really hard, maybe I could find a place to stash my chocolate.
I know that it would be safe in here-after all, I am the only one who seems to use this space.
Too bad it doesn't fit a big comfy chair, soft blanket and a book. No one would ever look here for me.

I know that this post is kind of lame. I am always coveting everyones laundry room. Since it is a commandment not to covet-I figured i would make my own space. Maybe someone else only has a closet and I can help them out.
Or maybe I will just inspire you to throw the laundry in the hall, move a big, comfy chair in instead, pull out the hidden m&m's and get to "WORK"
Have a great thursday!!!!


Kari said...

Glad you commented on my blog! It was fun to catch up with you at our church building the other day! I'd heard Shawni had her baby, and man what an awesome sister you are!
I totally hear ya on the " you can never have too much storage" It drove Casey (my hubby) nuts that I kept wanting to add closets to our new house. Guys just don't get it!

Jessica G. said...

I brought home storage totes yesterday...gotta love all those "get organized" sales going on.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

i know it's a commandment and all, but I covet your washer and dryer!

Erin said...

I love what you did with that space. Laundry rooms are always the last places I organize and I don't know why since I am always in there. Have a good weekend!

Meredith said...

Hey - I'm Meredith...from Tuesdays with Molly. I'm the big sister. I came up with the name. She gets all the glory - LOL! Anyway, your laundry room - at least you have stacked set and makes room for your stuff! Your family is adorable. Our blog is young, not a ton going on, but we have so much other things photographed that we have not blogged yet and have so much on our plate yet to do!

Blarney said...

I think you did a great job with what you were working with. My only suggestion would be to have the dirty laundry in the kids closets until it's laundry day. I just close the closet doors when someone visits to keep it looking neat in their rooms. I know most don't like this but given your limited space it would give you a sense of more organization until the dreaded laundry day?