Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 turns 7 tomorrow. We had a little family party tonight.
I am one of those mean moms who only let her kids have birthday parties every other year-
this year is the off year!
So I made a yummy blue, heart shaped cake with lots of frosting!!
Yep-blue and yellow heart. I didn't have any red food coloring.
She didn't care-as long as it was a cake, she was good.
Here are some pics from the big event. 7 and my cutest, little nephew Coop. He just loves her and she is quite the little mother. Bet you couldn't tell from the grin on her face. She was much more concerned about Coop blowing out candles, then herself. I sure love 7!4 and 7-
7 didn't really want 4 in the pic-but i won.
I am the mom after all, I have got to have some say in things.I had to share some pics of my brilliant moments.
These do not happen as often as I would like-so I must document with pics when it happens.

I have a mondo family room.
I know that is not a word-but it's my blog and I can do what I want!
It has this weird little mini room/alcove/big, awkward corner (see pic below)
This is the after my brilliancy struck.
I have been looking at every ones fantastic children's crap storing ideas and what do you know, I had one of my own.
My kids like to be where I am. Go figure?
Well-when they get home from school-Ellen and Oprah is on.
I really like both of these shows, so I like to watch them. Crazy idea huh?
Well, they like to try and do their homework on the carpet with a pen.
So not working!!
Until now!
I used this weird corner, my sofa table, a shelf that goes on the floor, one of my many extra lamps and Ta-da.
My kids own "learning corner"
(or the place where they can do their homework while mom is watching Ellen :)

I hung the shelf low-low enough that they could reach the stuff on the bottom shelf.
I found some jars that I had laying around and filled them with crayons and SHARP pencils!
The little yellow basket has scissors, glue, extra notebooks.
Plus it's deep enough that it can hide all kinds of crap!
See that old picnic basket on the floor?
Garbage Can!
It's big enough for all the papers that they bring home and it had a lid!!! BoNuS!
Now I know that this is not some earth shattering idea-but for me, it's huge!!
I also moved a red cubby thing with hooks in from the garage and put it in my entry.
I was so sick of all the coats and shoes and backpacks that would litter my floor come 3:30 p.m.
There is even enough cubbies for mom and dad too!!
I am being all kinds of organized!
I might even tackle my linen closet.

One more thing-I have a huge wall in the family room-with nothing on it.
I saw on this blog of this super cute girl that I can't remember the name of-sorry
she put a window with shutters to the side of it above her fireplace.
I so loved it! I wanted to do it.
One problem-I don't have a fireplace.
So, I improvised.
The window wasn't big enough by itself, so I hung a big old, green frame around it.
I love the look and the scale is just right for the wall!
Oh how I love blogs and all the fabulous ideas that they contain!

Sorry-my pics are crappy. It's late at night and I had to use the flash and every lamp in the room to get enough light. Pretend that they are awesome like lots of others blogs.
I hope that you wont hold my crappy photography skills against me!
Thanks for all your inspiration! Keep it coming-I am thinking that some painting will be in our future. HMMM....what should I paint?


frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Love the picnic basket garbage can--so much cuter than a regular garbage can. :)

~ Sarah

Blarney said...

Great job! Mine woul dnever sit at the same table - together - at the same time - to do homework so I applaud your parenting skills!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday 7!!!!!! Today is my B-day too! We won't even go into how old I am!!!
Tausha- heck ya I will magazine swap with you! Let me know if you want to get together this week or something. Love love love the homework station! I'm gonna steal that idea when we finally decide what house we are going to buy!!

Jessica G. said...

The picnic basket idea is genius! I may have to steal that one. (And I am still planning on sending you pictures so you can help me with my problem...)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Happy Birthday Banana! The new Learning center is great, you do such a great job!!!

Small House said...

My bathroom! You can paint my bathroom. Your study area is great. Kids love having their place. AND...cute picture frames with shutters. Thanks for the great ideas.

The Huffies said...

As're brilliant! I wish I changed things as often as you house stays the same for about a year and then I change something! Thanks for all the swim stuff...Ben is wondering what in the crap I'm going to do with it all...

Happy Birthday to 7!

Crazycozartclan said...

Wanna come and organize my house? I am in some serious need around here. Nobody really cares around here but me so I'm in no really hurry. Whenever you get the urge come on down : )

Chelsie said...

ah coop really does love her!! and i love it. i told kinli how cute your new living room is, but forgot to tell you. i love it