Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look who is finally here!
Scotlyn Fronk
7lbs. 8 oz
20 in. long
dark hair and eyes.
She has her mommy's lips and cheeks and Daddy's feet!

I know that we are a little more biased to our own flesh and blood-but isn't she a doll?Shawni is my little sister-she was freaking awesome! The Dr. even commented on how great she looked. I wonder why she looked so good? Yep-thats me doing my sisters makeup BEFORE the delivery. I told her that I looked like crap in every single one of my kids pics, and she was not going to look like that. S0...I got out the brushes and the lipstick and went to town! After all, what are sisters for?

My only neice-she already loves me! Yes-I will be the favorite aunt! Guaranteed! Sorry Chels :)

Look at my cute hubby. He has a special place in his heart for babies. He loves those little girls espescially! :0)

Here is 4....

Here she is with 6 (almost 7) 7 is such the little mom. She loves all little people and they love here. Can't you just tell by how she is looking at her?

I know what you are thinking. Don't you have 3 girls?
Yes, Yes I do.
8-wasn't feeling to hot, so she didn't want to hold her.
I told her it wasn't a big deal-we would see her again.
I know this post is kind of sappy and lame-
but I do have to get excited-come on girls-it's my sisters first baby!
One more thing-My sister and I look a lot alike. People confuse us for each other all the time. They ask us if were twins blah, blah, blah.
Well-the nurse walked into the room and looked and me and said-
Wow! You look great!
I smiled and said Thank you!
All the while-you could hear my sister cracking up in the bathroom.
When she came out, the poor girl was thoroughly confused.
But to not give her some credit-i did have levis on.
What new mom wears levis-right after having a baby?
(Don't tell me that you do-I will hate you for ever and ever!)
The good kind of hate though. :)


Rachel said...

You are right she is a DOLL! Congrats to your sister, a new baby is always exciting! :)

beth at aunties said...

She is a beautiful baby! Congratulations favorite auntie.

From the ultimate favorite Auntie:-)!!!!!!
Yes. you and your sister do look like sisters! The five of us girls range from 5'2'' to 6 feet tall and do not look a like from the same mom and dad!


Inspired Kara said...

AWWW!!!! Congrats Auntie!!!

Anonymous said...

look at those chubs!!!
Tell your sis, I am running free newborn sessions--- :) She {or you} can email me with all the details---eeeee! 7 - 10 days is ideal tho---they sleep, fold, so perfectly!
I luv newborns!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

You do look great and your sister is so lucky to have you! So am I for that matter.
She is sooooooo adorable!

Nicole said...

I've never been able to wear levis right after having a baby! You and you sister are both beautiful. Now, will you come do my makeup next time I have a baby???

Small House said...

CUTE! I'm the favorite aunt too :)
Have fun with your sweet little niece. Your kids are adorable.
Have a good day.

Cody and Pyper said...

Hey Tasha--

You did a great job being a good big sista and fixing her face for her :) THose pictures are darling of your girls holding their cousin :) HOw fun that you have a brand new baby niece to spoil ;)

That story about the nurse confusing you guys is pretty freaking funny ;)

Lori said...

She is beautiful! So glad Shawni finally had her! Tell her congratulations!

Megan said...

She is such a friggin doll. I need to have someone do my makeup before all my pics. Since I had Anna at almost midnight no one came until the next day and boy did I look like crap with a night of no sleep. Your kiddos look so cute holding her too. Chelsie always says how Hannah is such a mom.

Emily said...

You are such a good big sister - doing her makeup for her! Awesome.

Crazycozartclan said...

I wore levis home from the hospital! Yep you can hate me forever. (Okay.... so they were my husbands and 17 sizes to big and had a bungee cord around the waste! Whatever! I still wore them home. : ) She really is cute! I'm not just saying that either! Good to talk to you the other night!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Such sweet pictures! That little girl is precious, I could just eat her with a spoon! My 3 year old cries when I use this statement...she is VERY literal. BTW, you and your sister look super fab (love that spiky hair). Will you be my stylist while I'm in Utah in June? I need a new do!


p.s. Sisters are so great. I LOVE that you wanted to make sure she looked her best for pictures. Only a sister would think of that!

Chelsie said...

i love the pic with hannah and scotlyn, so stinkin cute, and perfect of hannah!! i love it. i'm with megan, i'm going to use the excuse that i had cooper after midnight so that's why i look like crap in all of my pics! next baby, you should come do my make up too. haha. love ya