Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the air at our house..

It's so not what you are thinking.
Or what I was thinking either.

As you all know-(look at me being all pompous thinking that ALL of you read my blog-like I am THE popular girl)
I have 3 girls.
They all have names, but I call them by numbers.
I didn't really think that it was funny, but, apparently it is.
This is totally of the subject....

U know that 6 just turned 7 and 8 is almost 9.
Her birthday is in March.
She is in third grade.

She told me today that Derek asked her to be his Valentine today.
Come on Mom, you heard me.
Derek wants me to be his valentine.

It was then that I paused my movie.

So, what does that mean.
You know, he would write me notes and stuff.

I told my husband.
He promplty told me that was never into girls.
He would do manly things, you know like hunt and fish and kill poor animals.

She told me at dinner that she told him she would be his Valentine-if he would leave her alone.
He agreed.
She said that he is weird and all he does is stare at her.

So, 9 has a valentine that stares at her and is kind of weird.

I am so good with this.
Is that bad?

I am not old enough to do this.

Am I?
So glad that my child will get a special valentine and I wont.

Well, maybe not.
My husband did read my post and then went and ate the rest of my stash!

I might have him conned into going to the store-tonight.
We will see how much control I have over my valentine!
If he doesn't, I will just go to the store and use his money again.


Bonnie the Boss said...

I am sending mental messages to your hubby "go to the store, get Tausha chocolate, and a really cute expensive purse"
Katie told me about your daughter. It made me laugh.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! I'll be your valentine if you leave me alone... That's classic!!!!!!

Rachel said...

That's too funny!!! And yes you and your girls being #'s is pretty funny. Just be warned you did do a Cricut post a while back that show's more than just numbers... :):):)


Karen said...

When I was nine I got a Valentine from my first boyfriend. He gave me a Cracker Jack ring and a picture of himself. I will treasure them both always.

Megan said...

In the drawer in the end table next to my bed. And sometimes other places. I have been caught by Anna though. She has a nose for those things and finds them. It's okay with me...until she comes prancing out with what she has found and Ross asks where she found it. Dang! I am busted!

Megan said...

That last comment was supposed to be on your last post about your 'sugar confession'. Man I struggle in the mornings. LOL!

I think its cute that 9 is still going to be his Valentine even though she thinks he is weird and that she even bartered with him! Smart girl. I had a Valentine in second grade - it's normal if you are awesome like 9 and I are ;)

Inspired Kara said...

Oh my gosh!! The Valentine story is too funny!!!

Crazycozartclan said...

My 7 year old has a "weird" boy after her too. I told her they're all weird. Daddy just wanted to know his name so he could go scare him off. Ahhh.... good times. Won't having teenage girls be fun!

Nicole said...

That is too cute! Your hubby definitely owes you some good chocolate, like V chocolates or Mrs. Cavanaughs!

Small House said...

I love your daughters answer to the wierd boy, "If you leave me alone" HA, HA, HA.

I'm in your valentine boat. BUT...I think he still likes me, even after 23 years. I'll take it.
Have a good day.