Monday, February 25, 2008

Secret love

ok-i will finally admit it to all! I have a secret love for the "Golden Girls" you know that show that was on the in the 80's? It is every day from 2-3 here in utah and i watch it every day. Not every day-most days. I crack up, laugh out loud, i think it is hillarious! My girls hate this show-my 6 year old says-i don't want to watch the grandma show! Now, i remember when my grandma used to watch this, and i am sure that i thought the same thing. My, how things change. So, now you all know my secret-guess its not so secret anymore! Watch it, you will laugh out loud-promise!


Melissa said...

I do remember that show! I haven't seen it forever!

Crazycozartclan said...

Okay.... I see you a golden girls and up you learning how to crochet when your in your 20's. Who would have thought I was a little old lady in disguise! Actually I don't watch the golden girls anymore but when Haley was born I watched M.A.S.H. EVERYDAY! I saw every single episode. Who knew! Our parents really did have a little bit of good taste : )

Camille said...

I always watched that when I was younger. I didn't know it was still on.