Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ok ok-so i am a slacker-i know that those of you who truly know me-already know this. When it comes to things that i don't really love to do-i am a slacker. (laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and blogging) But, i do Love to blog surf and learn about totally random people-so i'll update so totally random people can learn about me! (i don't think that i am that popular but- i would like to think so)
ok-lets see, 6 birthday was last Friday-she is the big 6! She had a wonderful time at the 3 parties that she had-yes, her mom is stupid. She loves clothes, so lets just say she got a whole new wardrobe. She is definaltely my most girly. She is a dancer, singer and a very good actress. She really knows when to turn it on. Usually, right after she did something to one of her sisters and wants to get someone else in trouble. Sad to say, it usually works. She is my little mother. She loves little kids. When Cooper or Jillian come over, she is in heaven . I really like it too-it allows me to help everyone and still get things done-like taking a shower. She is such a joy to have in our family and i am so glad that we have her!

Another reason why I have not been posting like i should have is... are you sure you are all ready to read this? I have been dealing with pelvic pain-AGAIN! I had surgery a month ago to remove some scar tissue- did not help-in fact the pain got worse. So-i went to the Chiropracter, the Accupuncture dr, the masseuse-i tried a little bit of everything. I am desperate for some relief. I finally was able to get into my OB-i was diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain. Oh JOY. I am now on 3 different meds and going to a physical therapist. my doc treated patients with cpp back east very succesfully with this 3 pronged treatment plan-so we are all crossing our fingers! the good news-i get to have a massage every week! So-if there are any of you out there dealing with this-my heart feels for ya. i will be happy to give any type of info that has helped me. This is a very frustrating time! I felt like a freek until my Dr. assured that many
women suffer from this. So, i am not a freak! Good News! So-i am praying that this new treatment plan will work. It will take a little time, but i am positive!

Except one of these stupid medicines are breaking me out! AAGH! I have never had this problem EVER! I know-i have been blessed with good skin and now-i don't know what to do-so anyone with any thoughts would be very helpful!!! Come on people-Help me out!

So-since i am all up to date i think that i will go to sleep! I must get some rest so i can prepare myself for our RED Valentines Breakfast. Go TAUSHA! I'll Post pictures for all of you who are having doubts about my sincerity!
Remeber-It is the day of LOVE-so go and Kiss someone! Happy Valentines Day

I was going to post some pics, but it wont work-so lots of pics tomorrow!


Lori said...

Well, it's about time! Sorry about your medical drama - hopefully you can get it all worked out. Can't help you on the breaking out thing, I don't break out very often either - it must be in the genes. Oh, and congratulations on finding the time to shower - I just have the one child and it's hard for me, I can only imagine...
So, I guess I can just check in in about a month or so for another update? By the way, sorry we missed you guys last weekend, it would have been fun!