Thursday, March 20, 2008

My three girls

So-I love my girls. My wonderful dramatic

"My life is so not fair"

"Why do I have it"

three Girls.

Did I mention that I have 3 girls. Three Girls, ThReE girls!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAHHH!

I love my girls, I really do, there are just some days when I want someone to put me in my room for a timeout. I really think that it is not fair that we had to be banished to our room when we didn't want to. But, now, that we want to, we don't get to. As my girls so eloquently stated earlier today, "my life is so not fair."

I could go on about how my lovely 6 and 8 year old were told to do the dishes, really, just load the dishwasher. Yet, they managed to each get soaking wet and slap each other and blame it on the other.

Or, I could tell you how my 3 year old told hubby "no, i don't want to" when he asked her to put her shoes away. Yes, she is 3, and no, I didn't teach her do that, and yes, she did get in trouble,great BIG trouble.

As well as her sisters, they all got in trouble, 2 minutes before they were supposed to go bed. How hard would it be for my 3 little drama queens to just be cute and quiet ,like, when they are sleeping.
This pic looks like a bad drivers license picture.
Also, one of the many reasons my kids
CAN'T touch my camera!


Bonnie said...

You know how much I love your girls. Especially that fiesty one on the end.I'll send my dram queen 12 year old up to your house he'll blend right in.
Hang in there,

Chelsie said...

Ha, I know it's not funny to you and in a couple years I will feel your pain...but they make me their aunt....i think you deserve a timeout also....nothing wrong with putting yourself there every once in a while

Annie W. said...

ha ha!!! FUN TAUSHA! loved the dishes comment, I can sooo relate to the name calling and slapping---sometimes i just wanna pull their hair!
But you just love them anyways! lol just wait, we haven't even gone through the "pms" stage yet..ahhhhhhhhh

Crazycozartclan said...

I am with you on this one. My 6 year old slams the door and everything. I tell Michale she's all his when she's a teenager. I'm totally getting my own apt they can come over and visit during designated visiting hours! Hang in there (Little 4 year old boys aren't a piece of cake either!) They hit everything that moves or pokes it with a sword, you find bugs and weird things in their pockets. Let me know if you find a cure for the drama queen.

Kelley said...

Hi, it is so good to meet you! I was looking through your whole blog. Your girls are adorable!!! And, we really do have A LOT in common it is crazy! I am gonna put you on my blog so I can keep looking in on is way cute and entertaining. :)

Kelley said...

Oh yeah....I live in Harrisville too. CRAZY!

Jill said...

Boys do some of that stuff too.

When we found out that our fourth child was a boy our (one and only) daughter burst into tears, and sobbed "But I didn't want another brother, I wanted a sister, because SISTERS DON'T FIGHT!"
Then she got more upset because we were laughing at her.

Lori said...

hey, check your email - I just sent you directions!

Melissa said...

We all need a time out every now and then... that's what I'm doing right now... a BIG TIME OUT! :)
Your girls are soooo cute :)