Friday, March 14, 2008

it is so late that i should so NOt be posting.

I just had to write a quick update. I absoulately love the blogging world. I love it, I love it, I love it. Why the sudden love affair you ask? Well, you know when you go around and snoop in random strangers lives? Don't act apalled, you all do it, admit it, it's ok. Anyway, I stumbled upon some old friends from high school and I was thrilled. I am talking excited beyond description. They all have beautiful families and they all live all over the world. Yes, I wrote world.
Anyway-I love to snoop,so I read and read and read. My eyes hurt so bad right now they are burning and watering. My friends are still teaching me and they don't even know it. I have a friend, Emily. I always loved her. She always made me laugh and I was always amazed at her relationships with her family. She too is a mom, like me and many of you. She has 3 beautfil children that keep her on her toes. She wrote a post about motherhood and all the joys and sorrows that go along with it. She inspired me, made me cry and make me want to try harder at being a mom. There she goes again, making me better that I was yesterday and knowing that I can do better than today, tomorrow. So thanks Em, you are a lifelong friend, a lifelong example and how thrilled I am to be in touch again. So all you mom's out there who want to be inspired come here- "motherhood musings" February 8th posting.
You will be inspired also, I promise.


Bonnie said...

You are a great friend too. I should be in bed too. Have a great one.

Emily said...

I loved that post too. Aren't we all so lucky to have our kids in our lives!

Em Russ said...

Tausha!! You're hilarious. I can't believe you found my blog (and then did a whole post on it!!) I'm not sure I deserved all those nice things you said about me... :) You're so sweet and I am so excited to keep in touch with you again. (And, we're in BOSTON!! Johnny's in school at MIT and we're anxiously awaiting Spring...)

Em Russ said...

it's me again... I think I might need your email address! :) No, I'm looking forward to Spring because it's still FREEZING here and we're about to go crazy. Johnny's got lots of years left of school. And Lila is 3, and Abby & Zack are 15 months (she was 2 and a week when they were born! Which means I'm just totally nuts!) :)

Rindi said...

Tausha! It was really fun to hear from you! I have been totally sick for the past few days and thinking about how you probably think I am just ignoring you, but I'm not! Sorry, I'm only now getting back to you. I've had fun snooping around your blog...wishing there were more pictures so that I could see your family! Maybe I need to dig just a bit deeper! We live in Pennsylvania, in case you didn't already gather that from my blog...and my husband is a resident at the hospital. It is so hard to believe that we all have kids as old as we do. I guess we are all grown up! And, your business looks fantastically fun, and to do it with your mom sounds amazing. Thanks for saying 'hi' and reading my blog. Have a great day!