Monday, March 3, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Have i got a treat for you! Yummy for the tummy, sticky popcorn! So super easy, so delicious, and works well in a pinch for lunch!

Sticky Popcorn

3/4 C. B. Sugar
1 Cube Butter
4 handfulls marshmellows or 10 big
1 bag popcorn
Melt ingred. in a pan. boil for 1 min. Pour over poppped popcorn. Eat a lot and don't share!
the show that we did in October-our booth pretty much looked the same. The show was a great success. But, now we just kind of have to wait and see. People will call us, i just have to wait for them to call. Not that i don't have anything to do. I have 2 kids home from school today. (groan) I also have 5 loads of laundry, and i get to clean the bathrooms and disenfect the whole house so no one else gets sick! Also-we can't forget that we have to cook dinner also! What a great day this day is going to be! I know that you all know excatly how i feel. Sometimes, i wish that i could get up in the morning, get dressed, kiss my husband and come home to a nice clean house, a hot, delicious dinner and have all be well. Don't get me wrong, i know that my sweet husband works very hard for our family, but sometimes i want to go to work and he can stay home. Sorry, just complaining, i'm not alone right? Just another manic monday!


Melissa said...

I wish I could count the times that I've told my husband that I want to switch places... just for awhile!
I hope you get lots and lots of phone calls :)

melissious said...

Okay, that's just too creepy that we used the same title!! Twilight Zone! :) Oh, and I didn't do a darned thing to deserve this trip! It's all by grace. :) I think you deserve a trip, though. Wanna come??

Crazycozartclan said...

I am glad the show went well. Don't worry I wish I could trade places with my husband all the time. Not forever just for a nice break! : ) Hang in there.

Chelsie said...

Mmm that popcorn recipe looks that the popcorn they make in lake powell? speaking of are you going this year with kinners? Are the girls sick?! man i'm a terrible sister in law! Let me know if you need anything. I'm glad the show went so well...I'm sure you guys will get loads of're a talented bunch and I'm lucky to have such great in ya

Lori said...

Sorry about the kiddos. It's bad enough that they are sick and then on top of that, you have to clean! Good luck with the biz- I'm jealous, I want a fun job!