Sunday, March 9, 2008


So-have you ever been grateful for blogging? I was just checking up on all my blogging friends and doing a little "surfing" I read some really great blogs and found lots of great advice from lots of women who are in the same boat as me. I can't tell you how glad i am when i come across a blog and she is talking about how she is about to have a nervous breakdown and it is only 10 in the morning. I get you, i think, you can do it sister! I love, love it when i come across us moms, who post yummy, tried and true recipes. Those are the JACKPOT! The less thinking that i have to do about food, the better. (you all read my previous post) so basically what i am saying is, Thank you all you blogging moms who write about your kids, your husbands, your days, your dinners, your goals, and your dreams. You all inspire me, help me and want to do better. So, tonight when i say my prayers, I will make sure to thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful technology He has blessed me with, and, the wonderful friends that i get to make because of it!

You guys are the Best!


chris jenkins said...

ITA (in the agreement) - i am thankful for my blogging experiences!

cute pic of the kiddos :)

Bonnie said...

Amen Sister,
First of all you inspire me to keep my house cleaner and make my daughter look cuter. You are amazing. I think I must have you fooled or you are lying through your teeth. Thanks for inspiring me to bog. I enjoy it. Hang in there.

Chelsie said...

Hey you can get that famous daves bbq sauce at wal mart..I agree though, I'm thankful for blogging! It's great, I feel like I keep in much better contact with my friends and family and it's all at our convenience...not trying to play phone tag and what not. I hope Grace gets feeling better. You're beautimous! ;-) Love ya!

Melissa said...

I agree! Blogging has saved my sanity on several occassions! Don't know what I'd do without it!!!