Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 posts in one daY! Lucky You!

Ok-So I am having to go throught this morning because I had children on purpose.
Really-I love my girls, but WHAT WAS I THINKING!
Did I not think that we would ever have an attitude?
Did I not think that would comminicate without whining?
Did I think that my days would be full of giggles and pink all the time?
6 is doing the dishes. She is freaking out because she can't put a bowl away. Instead of just saving it for later-she MUST come down and do a dramatic whine of how the bowls just can't possibly be put away. I ask a question to make sure I unserstand. She howls, yells and whines that I am not listeing to her.
I then repeat what I just said and she says- yes-why don't you ever listen to me?
Really-isn't that what I just said.

3 is changing her clothes already. We are on outfit number two. She has only been dressed for about 10 mins.
I asked why she didn't keep the first one on-
(In a whiney voice half yelling) the other one hurt me!!
Ok-I did you put them away in the drawer?
Are you sure?
Mom-why do you have to ask so many questions?
Excuse me 3-I am sorry that I would try to be a parent!
Relax Mom! It's going to be ok!

I am two minutes, no one minute away from losing it!!!
Good thing they are going swimming without me!! (Still a little too red to face the sun again)

I need a diet coke!


Jaci said...

I'm right there with you. The whining is driving me crazy, and nap time keeps getting earlier and earlier just because I want away from her!

Alison Wonderland said...

I've SO been there!

insane mama said...

The whinning is what kills me, oh and the fighting, the mess, I can't wait for school to start and it's not even over yet (one more day)

Jessica G. said...

After all the drama with my girl, I have to wonder who said that raising girls was EASY?? :)

tinabean1988 said...

I feel your pain (kid pain not sunburn pain sorry).
I'm sorry I can't tell you it gets better when they're older (Remember I have a 16 year old).
But they do so have there moments that make it totally worth it all.

Debra said...

First, how do you get your 6yo to do dishes? I can threaten my 7yo's life and STILL not even get her to put her clothes away!!! I found a church dress shoved into her nightstand WITH THE HANGER STILL ON THE DRESS!!!

Yeah, I could do without the drama. And somedays - like yesterday, I could do without my kids! I used to be such a happy go lucky person!

Lybbert's said...

Oh honey! If you seriously think you're alone in this, you need to get your head examined! lol!!! (((HUGS)))