Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Satire

So-as we all know yesterday was Fathers Day.

I have a dad, a father-in-law and a husband.
I am very blessed!
I love them all!
I especially love my hubby!
He is such a good dad. He plays with the girls, he teases them (sometimes a little much) they love their daddy. I love him too
I love that he honors me as his wife and co-companion in this whole parenting thing. I love that he makes me laugh almost as much as the kids. I love that he respects me and his Priesthood. I love that he works so hard for our family. He sacrifices time and the things that he really loves (fishing) so he can do things like -build a garden. I love him because on really bad days, he stops at the bakery that I love and gets me these puffs that I love!
I love him for all that it is and all that does to help me, be a better person.
Happy Fathers Day- Babe!

Ok-enough of the mushy stuff. Some fun facts from yesterday.
First of all, I was getting ready and told the girls to grab their scripture bags. Even 3 has one and she proudly carries it with her every week to church .

So-we are walking into church and 3 asks if I want to see what is in her bag.
"Your scriptures silly"
"No mom, see."
She proudly opens her bag and shows me a remote and her pink flowered sandals.
I ask her why she brought the shoes-the remote. She just carries around random things sometimes--this week a broken remote. Whatever.
Anyway-the shoes;
"I might need a change of shoes, you never know Mom."

Now I know what some of you are thinking. 3 almost 4 year old don't talk like that. You haven't met my 3.
She does, she cracks me up at least 3 times a day.

Next on this list.
Last Sunday, my parents went on a walk above their house. They live on a mountain-so the trail leads up the mountain, up to the power lines. No house, very dusty and rocky.

They found 3 baby ducks. Just hanging out on the trail. No mom in sight.
So, they picked them up, took them home and put them in the pond.

Of course they called us so we could see the duckings. Of course we went up and of course my kids loved them. They loved them so much, they kept dropping them. We were constantly telling them not to squeeze so tight.
My parents were the hit of the neighborhood. After church, all the neighbors came over to see the ducks. One neighbor even brought a kennel so the ducks would have someplace to sleep.

So-my Mom, put a couple of blankets in the kennel, some duck food (got from a friend) and some water and in went the ducks.

They immediately fell asleep. So they left them in the garage and checked on them the next day. The kids came over again and played. It was so cool that Grammy had baby ducks.

The next day, day 3, my mom calls and said the ducks died-
Really Mom, 3 days and the ducks are dead? What did you do.
We just figured it got too cold for them in the garage.

So for Fathers day-we were going to get my Dad more ducks. We finally found someone in the paper, couldn't get a hold of them in time for the big day. What were we going to do?
So-we got 3 plastic ducks from a game-stuck name tags on them (rock, stephanie, mckayla_the girls named them) and put them in the pond. We called Dad out to see the pond and their on the rocks were his new "Ducks" Pretty funny. We thought that we were very funny.
So-for family night tonight we will be off to go and get the "real" ducks.
Hopefully they will live longer than 3 days.

Ok-so long post
I thought the duck escapade was worth a post. I have pics, but it's too hot and I am too lazy to get up and get the camera.
So-you will have to forgive me for my laziness.
Hope every one's weekend was memorable.!!


Jaci said...

I totally believe you that your 3 year old talks that way. My 2 1/2 year old talks like that, too, and she frequently says weird things. :)

Melissa said...

I love ducklings! There was a home and ranch store in Oregon that got chicks and ducklings every spring. The kids LOVED going in there to see them!!

Debra said...

My 4 yr old talks like that too. I LOVE what they come up with! Makes you wonder what is going on in their heads!

Ducklings are SO cute.

Nicole said...

That is so cute that you did that for your dad. Hope these ducks wll do better. Love the story about your three year old, ya never know what thier going to stuff into their scripture bags.

Bonnie the Boss said...

That is so awful about the ducks. I am sure your girls were so sad.
Your hubby is a good guy. Don't tell him I said so. It would just go to his head.

Chelsie said...

Ah coop kept trying to rip the heads off the ducks...whoops it probably doesn't help that he plays with rubber ducks in the tub like that...I'm excited to see them though! See ya later today!

Alison Wonderland said...

Good luck with the new ducks.

Julie said...

wow about the ducks. Why do kids talk like that ??

Megan Dinsdale said...

That is sad about the duckies. And if 3 is correct in her assumption...I better start packing around another set of shoes when I go places as well! ;)