Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok-you want to win this!!

Ladies, Friends and Comrades!
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So go go go, Hurry now and then come back and read the rest of this post! It's worth it!

OK-so the rest of the post.

We, as a family went here yesterday. Lagoon-a local amusement park.

It was free. Hubby had a work day= free tickets/

So we went. The kids had never been.

It was great fun! The kids loved it.

Mom and sister and brother in law came too.

So glad that they were there.

We hit all the rides for the kiddies.

Not really a ride girl-since they all have bars that go across your stomach-tight. These hurt me, not to mention the whole jerking motion thing.

We were waiting in the last line of the night. The girls wanted to ride the boats.

So, they waited and they 3 started yelling.

I ran over and she said,

Mom-that kid spit on me!


That boy spit on me!

I turned to the little boy and asked if he spit on her.

He said yes.

I continued to say to this stupid little 6 year old who spit on my kid that if we don't spit. It is mean and I don't like it.

I then asked him if he wanted me to spit on him.

He shook his head and said No!


He shook his head.

His mom walked over.

I said;

Your kid spit on my little girl.

She just looked at me.

She didn't speak English.

Of course not.

Hell-why should you have to speak English if you live in the United States of America. Our main language is English. Why should you have to learn how to speak it, you stupid lady!

I said to her:

You need to teach your son not to spit and learn to speak English!

She just looked at me and walked away!

I was so mad! The stupid lady didn't teach her kid not to spit and then she couldn't even understand me yelling at her! Damn!

Sorry for the swearing! I am still so ticked.

So-this is my new rule!

If you don't reprimand your children-I will!

Especially if your stupid child spits on my 3!

So any of you Mom out there-make sure that your kids don't spit on others-if they do-smack them and tell them not to do it EVER again or I will come and yell at them!! :)

(sorry for the rant, I guess if you can't rant on your own blog-where can you)

If I offended any of y0u-I'm sorry. I am kind of onery and having a bad day. You all just got to read about it! :) Hope you all still love me!! Really-you do, right?!


Mrs. R said...

You are officially entered!!! Great post!

Shanna said...

Thanks for stopping by ;) Cute page you have here!!

Courtney said...

Hey Tausha! you seem like a fun chick :-) thanks for stopping by Nesting Instincts!! come back again! (and be sure to post more pics of your projects!!)

Bonnie the Boss said...

i am so sorry you are having a bad day. I don't like it when kids spit either. But peeing on each other is worse.

Lola said...

Yeah for Lagoon! My family (my Mom and Dad on down to the Great Grands) is going on MY birthday next Saturday!! I wish it was going to be free for us, but unfortunatly they don't even give any discounts on Saturdays!

I think, in the spit situation, that I would have spit back!!

Kelley said...

You crack me up! That it totally how I feel! I feel like I need to learn spanish for people to understand me here in America :)

Jessica G. said...

I feel your pain, sista...your wet, slimy pain. Seems like my kids attract the brats whenever we go out.

Amie said...

you are so freakin funny!!! you always make my day and make me feel normal about the way i feel as a mom sometimes. love it!

tinabean1988 said...

I am so right there with you o the not disciplining your children & so so so with you on the speaking english!!!

I hope your day gets better.

Mama's Losin' It said...

I feel the same way. Once a little kid pushed Baby Maile by her face and she feel down some stairs at a playground. I. Was. Livid. I learned taht day that I am my child's safe place and protector. I'm not going to be afraid to say something even if it isn't my child. If I want her to grow up and stand up for herself then she'll learn from my example. I'm SO not afraid to put misbehaving kids in their place.

ps the whole "puppy hater" thing is based on a question I posted a couple weeks ago about whether you would allow yourself to be paralyzed for one year if it meant saving the Blue Whale from extinction. Most of the commenter said they would not do it, so I call them selfish animal haters in return. :) Even though I probably wouldn't do it either.

I'm just being a dork.

EmNichole said...

Thanks for your comment, I think you are funny too! I got a girl kicked out of a theme park for cutting in line, but then the people I was with were so embarrased at me for making a big deal about it that they cut the trip short and we left too... I hate rude people!

~Bunch of Scrap

Shirlee said...

Eww, spitting is gross! But on another person? Ick! I'd be a ticked off Mommy too.

Gramma 2 Many said...

It is so nice to have a safe place to rant isn't it? Do you ever watch them in other places? I was in a store on Friday and a little boy, whose mama did not speak the OFFICIAL language of the UNITED STATES was running in and out of displays. He also had on those Heelies and was tearing up and down the aisles in them. The clerk asked him more than one time to stop what he was doing. No avail and the parent did not understand to make him stop. I took my g-daughter to the Dr. on Friday. Everyone in the waiting room, except us spoke Spanish. Even the receptionist spoke it. When we got into our cubicle, the instructions posted on the wall were in four languages! ARRRRRGH
BTW I found you on The Secret is in the Sauce. Come visit me any time:)

Sherri said...

Oh dear!! I agree that people need to speak English if they live in the USA --- if they are just vacationing that is another story! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Crazycozartclan said...

Okay... I do not want to win that! I have way too many neighbor kids at my house as it is and my toys are lame compared to that! Yeah for Lagoon! We want to got this year but I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars so we'll see. Sorry about the spitting things that sucks!

Rachel said...

Hmm I would have been in that mom's face too! I can't believe he was spitting on your girls. PUNK! Hey call me on my cell do you still have the #? I don't have yours here and I won't be going home until tomorrow. I want to talk to you about scrappin till our eyeballs fall out. :):)


5419100641 cell# minus the -'s

Amie said...

yes tausha, i think we are closer than we think. i live in farr west. and how do you know caramie? i grew up by her and she is my sister-in-law's sister. make sense?

Debra said...

She probably DID know English. Just pulling the "no english" crap that they pull in SOUTH FL ALL.THE.TIME! I would have gone postal on that kid AND his mom!!! SERIOUSLY!

Nicole said...

Gotta love Lagoon. Why does it seem to attract such classy people? And lucky you got to go on a nice how day also. I'm probobly only 10 minutes from Lagoon, and it was so hot Saturday. I would have been all I could do not to smack the kid, how gross! I'm so with you on the whole English thing, learn it already.

Nicole said...

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