Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Happenin Wednesday

So-I am starting a new Wednesday thing. As you can see, it's called
What's Happenin Wednesday!
I figure, most families have had a little bit of drama by Wednesday, so this is the perfect day to see whats happening with everyone.

We have had a lot of drama at our house this week.
Lets start with Monday.
Monday was the last nice day before the crappy days started, so all the kids were outside! Yeah!!
Then I heard the screams!
8's wrist looked all wonky and her hand was bloody. She tripped over the curb while she was playing. Lovely!
So, off to urgent care we go. We got x-rays and the Dr. says it's fine. I asked for some kind of splint and sling, just because she was in so much pain.
So-we splinted, wrapped and got a sling-not that the Dr was competent enough to give it to her without her mother asking for it, but whatever.
So luckily it's not broken (we are 80% sure of this) so the splint can start to come off at nights and hopeful in the next 7 days, it can completely come off. Yea!
That means we can still swim, and take swimming lessons and plat softball and ride a bike and all the fun things that kids do in the summer.
So, that was Monday's Drama.

No more drama, just decorating. Re-decorating anyway.
Like I said in the previous post, I am kind of a freak in the whole re-decorating dept.
So, I got this bug up my butt and decided to change the family room.
Now, when one doesn't feel 100%, she really shouldn't move furniture around.
I don't listen to reason.
If I did, I would have normal hair. :)

So-these are some of the pics from my family room after I moved all the furniture around and then felt like I was going to pass out so I had to call my Mom to finish.
Tell me what you think?


Kristi said...

OH my! Your poor girl. That sounds like a really incompetent urgent care unit. Hope they get the readings back soon. I have no idea what to do with a cast in water. I have never had a broken bone worthy of a cast in my life (just broken toes and a fractured tail bone).

I'm so excited about your bag. I have it all ready for the mail. Hopefully I can get to the post office tomorrow after my garage sale.

I have a new idea for my next creation, but it is not a bag... Stay tuned!

Joy said...

I love to rearrange! It's like moving to a new house without have to pack everything up. You're new arrangement looks terrific!

Rachel said...

Oh your poor daughter! We have yet to have broken bones in this house KNOCK ON WOOD!

Your family room looks great! Can I call and make a reservation? I'll only stay 5 day's max we have to have time to go treasure finding, eat chocolate and find cool ways to repurpose other's junk... And lets not forget the caffeine! What else is going to keep us going.


Bonnie said...

I like it a lot. Your walls in the photos look almost orangie rust color. I like the chair in the corner. Hang in there with the oldest. If tyou need someting let me know I'll send Ken out for it. Or make 2 cool ride his bike to get it.

Chelsie said...

I'm glad that it's not broken and you guys can still hit the pool. We're going to have to join you! The living room looks great! Where did you move the computer to?

Melissa said...

How is it that these people make it through medical school? Seriously?? I'm glad it wasn't broken though...
And your room looks awesome! I love the color of your walls :)

Alison Wonderland said...

come paint my house. please.

HappyFLMom said...

Sorry about the wrist thing. I hope she is fine sooner than 7 days.

Love the rearrange. I'm seriously considering sending my sea-bands to you for some glam! ;)

Heidi Reed

Nicole said...

Gotta love urgent care, I went to insta care last week with the worst migraine of my life, my mom asked for something I could cover my eyes with to block the light, I guess that was too much to ask cause it never happened. Then a kid sat by us that reaked of cigarette smoke, it was so hard for me no the loose it all over him. Anyhow, I love, love, love the family room. I really like your walls, did you do it yourself?

Rae said...

That's definitely a lot of drama. I hope the rest of your week is nice and calm! The pic of your girls is too cute!

I really like the 6 window pane thingy hung horizontally. What do you have behind the glass? It looks really neat!

Nicole said...

Will you post about your tile granite counter tops when your done so I can see? Please, Please! Hey do you have the e-mail address for the SITS ladies? I want to e-mail them my three links, but their e-mail button isn't working on my computer.

Julie said...

loved that you like to change things...come to my house and play with stuff.

Mama's Losin' It said...

#1 Your girls are adorable!

#2 Love the family room! It looks super cozy. I do stuff like that all the time, get over a flu and then feel like I must be 100%, only to realize mid project that I'm gonna pass out. I'm glad I'm not alone there.

#3 I love that you called your mom for help when you were ready to fall over. Some things will never get old. I'll always call my mama too!!

Jessica G. said...

For some odd reason I can't see the your blog mad at my blog? :)

Sorry about the drama! But hey, cool concept to share it all on Wednesday.

Bridget said...

I'm so glad you asked for a sling! Poor thing.

Love your living room! Will you come move mine ;o). I'm way too lazy to touch my furniture after I move in so I just accessorize the heck out of it until we move again. I love your window on the wall.

Debra said...

Poor little 8!!!! I hope it feels better FAST!

I LOVE your living room!!!! The color is FAB! I SOOO need to paint my home, but like, yeah, with 5 crazy monkeys under foot ya know THAT ain't happening anytime soon! LOL

BTW... LOVE your hair!!

And the RS needs 2 counselors. So yes, I am FREAKING out about tomorrow's appt!

Rochelle said...

It's great you do a good job! Maybe you should come visit me!

Jill said...

Hope she heals quickly. No fun for the start of summer (or at least if it ever gets here)
I like the way you angled the furniture in the corner. Very feng sheui. I did that with the furniture in our 3yo room, and I've always liked it.