Thursday, June 5, 2008


K-You all know that I have 3 girls. If you don't,

I have 3 girls.

3, 6 and 8

They are all very dramatic.

All of them!

I love them all

very much.

Sometimes, they say very funny things.

Espescially 3.

She always has.

This is the latest funny that has come out of her mouth.

We were sitting at breakfast the other day and 8 was expressing her concern over the possibility of her arm being broken.

Mom-what am I going to do if it's broken?

I said-We will cross that bridge when we get there.

3 dropped her spoon and got a very serious look on her face.

Mom-if there isn't a bridge-

I will fall in!!!

Ok-really-I know that one was a giggler!

Next on the list;

the girls has just got done with the whole tub/gotta get clean thing.

All the girls came down and complained that they had to wash their hair.

Why do we have to wash our hair everyday?

I said-

You have to say Hi to gene everyday-and so does your hair. (hygeine)

3 looked at me and said-

Mom, is gene your friend?

and how does she know that I have dirty hair?

That one was a funny one too!

Love blogging-then I can remember the funny things that they say and do.
So basically, blogging makes me a better mom. At least that is what I tell myself when I am on the computer for three hours, talking to all of you!

HOpe that 3 made you giggle.


Mrs. Romero said...

One of the best parts of blogging is that one day my son can look back and confirm that yes, in fact his mother was as crazy as he thought.

Beautiful family and great stories!

Bonnie said...

You already know I agree that being on the computer blogging helps you to be a better mom. Blog on woman!

Lori said...

Hey, that's why I blog too - you've got to tell the funny stories. Very cute stories, must have your sense of humor! And what are you doing blogging for 3 hours???? By the way, thanks for the info on the e's. I already got a couple from JoAnn's (I'm assuming they are the same as Mike's) just trying to get a whole variety going ya know? Sarah gave me a local place - I'll have to go check it out...

Danielle said...

Those are great!! I love those things that they say at this age! Their perspectives are adorable!!

Crazycozartclan said...

Hey look! I'm back... I didn't fall of the face of the earth. Anyway. Did you know that you can publish your blog into a book? My neighbor knows all the details I wanna do mine one day. Wouldn't that be cool? Hope you are having a good day.

Chelsie said...

Ah 3 always makes me laugh...I haven't seen her for a while since she was at your MIL last week...when are you guys going to the pool next?

Rachel said...

How cute is she! Love the funny things that kids say. I don't write down nearly enough of what my kiddos do and say. I really need to get on the ball. Thanks for the reminder.

Ps. The porch is not coming along so swell. I promise to do better, I SWEAR!!


Rachel said...

Almost forgot! Cute family pic!

Melissa said...

Love the family picture :) And the funny moments really do make it all worth it... that and the occassional hug :)

Megan Dinsdale said...

I can't wait until Anna starts saying funny can only hope ;) However, I only say Hi to gene every other least when it comes to her and my hair. So tell 3 its all good.

Jessica G. said...

Oh the future blackmail that our kids provide daily! hehehehehe...

Annie said...

LOL! you have such darling darling girls Tausha!---LOVE the "gene" comment...sooooo stinkn funny!!!!

Annie said...

TAUSHA!! I know I just commented on your blog but I just recieved MY "Happy box" I put in that CD and read your card while I listend to "your never alone" I cried!! Really, it was JUST what I needed, It really ment alot to me----serious---Its nice to know others care and are going through trials too! =) Thank you so much! Its a HAPPY day.


Rochelle said...

Blogging totally makes us better moms, it's our release and our moments for silliness and not sturnness! Enjoy it sista enjoy it! Love the "3"

Kat said...

I look at blogging like a scrapbook. And time spend on a blog/scrapbook is time invested in my family. And it's time invested in me. So that I don't kill them.

Blarney said...

Blogging is such a release for me as well. If I didn't talk to everyone I'd be in the luney bin now ...

Kristi said...

Oh my, I can't imagine the drama... I certainly couldn't take anymore drama than what my one daughter dishes out. Makes me more and more happy my second is a boy! But they are both funny!