Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Randomess I call Life

*warning* the paragraph about animals is a little pg-13ish. Nothing else though-I promise!

OK-so some of my random thoughts about my life.


We went swimming for the first time yesterday at the local pool. Yes, we have a pass. That is good for the main reason-when we go, we don't have to stay all day!
Just a couple of hours-
not 3 ever again!


Well-let me explain.

I have really good skin. I am one of those people that don't burn. I have never had a terrible sunburn-ever! I just tan. Even when I think that I am burnt-every body tells me that I am full of crap.

So-when we went yesterday, I was excited to get a little sun.

No-that did not mean that I did not put sunscreen on.

I am not that stupid.

Granted-it wasn't that high-like 50, but I still put some on.

Only one half of my body is burnt

Even my legs are red. Never ever ever-has that happened before!

So-I was way miserable last night. Wore as little clothing as possible.

I was way more miserable at 2 am.

Yea-couldn't sleep.

Felt worse this morning.

I think I got a little bit of heat exhaustion, sun stroke, whatever you want to call it.

So-my hubby had to stay home this morning.

I felt that crappy!

I would post pics-but you have all seen a sunburn before!

It's not really that exciting picture material.

So-you should all fell sorry for me that I feel like crap. I figure tomorrow I should be good.

Good thing-the house doesn't vacuum itself!

Dang-I should invent something like that so all us would never have to vacuum again.

We could blog all day and eat M&M's!

That would be the life!

OK-random fact number 2

We have a cat.

She is usually a really good cat.

We all really like her.

For some reason-she REALLY likes me.

Follow me around and rubs against my legs.

I don't know why-i just kick her away..

My kids feed her, and hubby changes the poop.

Therefore, no reason for her to like me-whatever.

She is a girl cat=moody and unpredictable.

So-she is in heat.

Horny and driving me crazy!

She meows that really annoying, loud, low meow.

I think that she does it just to annoy the crap out of me!

We need to get her fixed.

I forget to call the vet-until nighttime.

Her WILD time.

8 saw her the other day and said that the white cat was trying to kill her.

He jumped on her and everything.

I didn't want to explain-so I just act surprised and said;


So-I hate her now-the cat, not 8.

I really hate her.

Guess it's my own fault.

I will call the vet tomorrow.

I must-I must I must!

So-totally radomness that happens in my life everyday!
How about you?
Am I the only one who lives like this?
Please tell me I'm not.


Chelsie said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling well! We'll miss you today at the pool. I must say that it does me good that you got burned when I am the white one...:-) But all the same I'm sorry...especially for you...I think us white people are used to sunburns so it doesn't phase as much...unlike your brother...who got burned on saturday and doesn't know what to do with himself...:-) It's just payback for having such great skin! Love ya

Shannon said...

My husband calls all my stuff "trinkets". :)

Lori said...

you crack me up. Put a little aloe vera on and you should be good to go! Also the vacuum thing-get yourself a roomba. It will clean the house and the cat willie entertained!

Debra said...

OUCH! Sunburns hurt. I am fair skinned and grew up in Ft Lauderdale. I HATE sunburns! Do you have an aloe plant? If you can get ahold of a piece of one, just cut it in half and rub it all over your burn. It is AMAZING.

Nicole said...

I wanted a cat so bad, I begged and begged my husband, I said I would change the litter box and everything. So, he gave in. The cat (named Bo, after Monsters Inc.) drives me crazy, she is the sweetest cat, but doesn't clean herself that great. I can hardly stand it when she touches me. Hope your sunburn gets better, and your kids are nicer to you. My seven yr old has just managed to completely destroy her room in about 5 minutes after I spent about an hour yesterday trying to organize it. KIDS!

Alison Wonderland said...

Nope, we all do that.