Saturday, June 7, 2008

Queen of the World

I beleive that us moms have the smartest kids ever!

When it comes to getting out of any type of something that they don't want to do.

The whole shower cause you stink thing.

Whatever it is-my kids are so smart. Every excuse, every thing that those little minds can think of, they try. For example; Bribery.

I am sure that I am the one who taught them this art, but I never expceted them to try and turn it around and bribe me.

Mom, I will give you a quarter if you don't make me do it.

My kids have a lot of money. Not from me mind you, others who are a part of our family and no longer have children living at home.

I am not that rich, or that stupid. I don't yet want to share with the ones who made me poor in the first place.

I was thinking, maybe if I started taking them up on their offers-I could buy something really cool. Maybe I could save the money that my kids give me because they are too lazy to do their own work , and have a t-shirt made that says:

I bought this shirt with the money that I made from my children. Why did my children pay me money? Because I am the smartest mom ever.


My children pay me to be their mom. Jealous?

The ideas are endless. If I wanted to buy something large like a non-carpool driving car. A car with only 5 seatlbelts! :)

I could give them access to their colllege funds and start charging for getting out of certain jobs.
$1.00 for bed making
$2.00 for dishwasher duty
$5.00 for bathroom cleaning

I'll be driving something cool before I know it.

Alas, if I did this, I fear that I would not be teaching them proper principles to function in life.

So, out of guilt, I guess I will stick to the whole responsible, loving parent thing.

Don't think that I wont ever think about this whole idea again though.

Maybe when all 3 of my girls are teenagers and they know everything.

I bet that would be a good time for them to start paying me.

It would be nice, I would be changing the whole child rearing world as we know it. Us parents would know everything again.

How else would I come up with the whole children paying ME concept?

It would probably go over better if we let them (our children) think that it is their idea. Same concept as husbands thinking that all the ideas are his own. :)

Don't try and steel my idea and present it to the world as your own. I want to be the one on Oprah, looking so fine and having her ask me all these questions and then when I answer with some quick, witty answer, her response;

I have got it all figured out.

Now, if I only I could figure out the whole cooking and laundry thing.
I would be set for life.


Bonnie said...

You crack me up!!! Market the idea now.

Alison Wonderland said...

I LOVE that idea. Why do my kids not offer me money? They have some.

Nicole said...

What a "light bulb" moment. I could be rich, I could start my own company! I mean you could be rich, and start your own company. We always say our oldest daughter should be on a high school debate team even though she is only 6. She can talk or barter her way to anything, it's ridiculous, especially when we fall for it.

Jennifer P. said...

Hello new bloggy friend! What a little treat all your comment lovin' on my blog was. SO appreciated :)!

As for the Sally Hansen airbrush legs---i just picked mine up in the cosmetic section of Fred Meyer (it was near the nail polish section). The one I use is just a shimmer spray. It's waterproof and non-transferable, so you have to actually SCRUB it off your legs--or just leave it on and call it good for the next day :)! I use it over the top of Dove Energy Glow lotion, which does take a few days to build up color. HOWEVER, there was Sally Hansen spray that would add color---and it was instant. Like giving yourself a spray tan. I just don't know how even it would go on, but I've heard all good stuff about it.

And now I'm off to see if my children would like to pay me for the A+ dinner I just made :)!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Yeah, save up the money and then buy something they'd a gallon of ice cream, and just sit down and eat it straight from the carton at lunch time. When they start asking for some just say "no, I saved up and bought this with the money you gave could have saved up and gotten your own, but you didn't want to make your bed..." and then shrug your shoulders in a "sucks to be you" kind of way and finish the ice cream.

And then go force yourself to throw up because eating an entire gallon of ice cream in one sitting is just not healthy.