Friday, June 6, 2008


I loved when the doorbell rang today and maillady handed me a box, smiled and walked away!

I looked at who it was from and thought;


So, I got a pkg from Annie today.

Annie was my swap partner.

She has a crazy past couple of weeks, so we didn't mail our pkgs until Thursday!

Oh, let me tell you, it was so worth the wait!

It was like Christmas! Or my Birthday or some other holiday when people give me presents!

So-do you want to see what she gave me?

I know that I want to show you!

So-look at how much I got spoiled! I know, I thought the same thing! She gave me some fun candy and a new favorite-Hershey bar with caramel. Yep-it is the bomb! She made everything! So all of these are Annie originals. Some cute pillows that are turquoise and orange. They match my bedroom super cute. Not 1 but 2 purses. I love them also! A darling apron, a cute little stitch picture, some homemade cards, a necklace and some earrings. (love these also) So-these pics don't do the pkg. justice. The girls are modeling all of the items. Yes, I feel so spoiled rotten and I love it all! Thanks so much ANNIE-I love everything! Such a fun swap, can't wait to do another one!!


Lola said...

You are spoiled! I got my swap stuff too and I LOVED it all! Duck Duck Cow is a crack up! I love her blog.
Thanks for hosting such a fun swap!
I have given you an award on my blog. You can post it, but don't feel obligated if you're not into it!
You are one of my favorite new blog buddies! YOu make me laugh!

Rachel said...

Wow you scored! You had a great day today!! What a fun FILLED package! I think I got some bills in the mail today and a whole lotta school papers thanks to my kids and today being the end of school, or is it the end of my life as I know it? I'll let you know in T-Minus 3 months when school starts up again.


Melissa said...

Oh... holy cow. I'm feeling like I didn't do enough now! :S Looks like you got some great stuff!

Kristi said...

Lucky lucky you!

You should be getting another package in a few days (though not a swap). Hope you like it!!! I'm so excited for you to get it.

Can you tell I love finding homes for my creations?

Bonnie said...

Your youngest makes me giggle in that picture.
Cool stuff by the way.

Crazycozartclan said...

My swap stuff was way awesome too. Thanks for doing such a great swap. It was fun!

Alison Wonderland said...

So fun! I'm sorry I couldn't participate this time. Maybe next time around...

Stacie said...

You are spoiled! It makes me feel like I didn't do enough. I haven't received my package yet but when I do I will post about it!

Julie said...

what a fun swap and thanks for hosting it. I loved all my things A.

Mrs. R said...

I wanna do a swap... someone invite me to a swap!!!

CUTE loot for you!

Annie said...

THANK YOU for yor so so sweet and kind words tausha!!!!!!!!
your a good bucket
About the shoes---YES, i bought colored sharpie fine tip markers to color them FUN!

Danielle said...

So fun!! Those bags are SO cute!!!