Monday, May 19, 2008

swap info and summer ideas

ok-so I think that I have figured out the details. Bear with me, this is mly first time.

ok-there is a $10.00 limit to fill the box or envelope. This does not include the postage. This way, it will be fair to everyone. We will all get the same $ amount of stuff.

Your letter, is the letter of your first or last name. Whichever you prefer. Be creative, make this the first letter of your theme, or fun stuff that starts with that letter for us moms. Everyone who is participating in the swap is a mom. So, we are all tired, underpaid and all ready for a break. :)

The boxes will be sent out on the first tuesday in June. So, we will all send them out on the 3rd of june.

I will get you the name and info on the person that you will swapping with, sometime this week.

Will you all please send me your info. Name, address email address
Please send it to Don't worry, I wil not publish this info. I personally know at least 1/2 of the people who are participating and the other half i know from online-
I trust you all-so don't worry about that. :)

So-I think I covered all the bases that i am supposed to cover. If there is something that I left out, please let me know.

I know, not a very fun post, but my brain is bearly functioning. I am on auto pilot this week. This is the last week of school for us (groan) and i think that the girls teachers have shoved everything that they possibly can into this last week. GRRRRR. So-I get to try to be two places at once. YEa!

So- summer officially starts for me this week. SO, if there are any of you who have great ideas that have kept you sane in the summers past, please pass them along too me. Anything you have got, Job schedules, food schedules(my kids seem to think that just because it's summer that have to eat everything all the time) Fun things that you did with your kids, Ideas that you did every day so your kids knew that you loved them etc.

So-all you smart moms-send some tips my way. If they are all great-which I am sure that they will be, I will have to make a post out of them, so all will have the knowledge! The power!!

oK-ENOUGH! I must hurry and shower-my first of 7 activities starts in 40 mins.

Hope you all have a wonderful monday!!!


Chelsie said...

hey you know my address and all that right? I'm excited! Hey I hear that on tuesdays if you go to the treehouse museum before get in for a dollar...let me know if you want to ever do that and coop and I will join you!

Lori said...

You have mail!