Saturday, May 10, 2008


Now that I have all your attention-I can say what I really want to say and you all will listen because you want to know why I would love this holiday.

So-here I sit listening to my hubby complain, sigh and yell at me.

3 is crying because her room is such a mess and hubby dumped it all on her bed so she could literally "Live" in her filth. (yes, I clean her room, she destroys it in 3 mins)

6 & 8 are downstairs and I am sure that they are doing something also, it's just that I can't hear them.

So, I sit here and think of all the reasons why I love Mothers Day even though I should really hate it right now.
I love MD because my little girls are such angels on this one day. Even if it is only for one hour.

I love that they make me little gifts and run home from school and hide them and whisper and giggle to each other about how fun it will be to give them to me.

I love MD cause I get to make my Mom cry. No, she was not the BEstest Mom in the whole wide world. She did her best. I am always grateful to know that my Mom's best sometims was barely making it through the day. I am just like her, how lucky I am.

I Love MD cause my hubby gets to take all 3 girls shopping and try to find me a gift that I would want and be surprised over. I love it that he tries, and the whole time he understands what I feel like eveytime I go to the grocery store. He does it because he wants me to be happy. And I am lucky to have him.

I love MD because I get to stop, and look at my life and be grateful for it. For all of it. THe yelling, crying, screaming, witchy, I don't want to get out of bed, hugs, giggles and kisses joys of being a mom.
Happy Mothers Day!


Chelsie said...

That is a terrible picture of me! Where are we in that pic? Happy Mothers Day! Your girls were so cute tonight! Props on the gifts...that book was perfect for Marci. Love ya!

Jessica G. said...

I love those handmade gifts! And the looks of pride on your little one's face when you open it...those are the best parts of being a mom. :)

Melissa said...

I have a love/hate thing going on with Mother's Day. I hate going to church and hearing everyone talk about their perfect moms or about what a perfect mom should be like. Makes me feel horrid because I will NEVER be a perfect mom.
I do love my kiddos lovin on me and giving me their awesome gifts that they made with their sweet little hands :D
Have a super fabulous Mothers Day!

Megan Dinsdale said...

Right now I get to listen to my husband giggle about his mischeviousness when it comes to presents and Mother's Day. I find it quite amusing so I can't wait till my kids can join in the fun as well ;)

Chelsie said...

Is that in st george when i was like 8 months prego?! it looks like pregnancy hair....ha sorry...just been trying to figure it out...happy mothers day!

ShAwNi AnD sCoTtY said...

Happy Mothers Day! You are a great mom to those girls! YEah-- where are we in that picture? It is awful!!

HappyFLMom said...

Happy MD, Tausha!


Lola said...

Hi! You have great hair!!!
You are from Ut. too!! Mothers Day is the best! My Mom is in Liberia (for 3 more weeks) on a mission. I can't wait til she's home!
Read your blog! Don't kill your 3 year old. I've lived through 5 of them (barely). Read Parenting with Love and Logic. It saved My 2nd dd's life!
Come see me again!

elizasmom said...

I really liked this part:
"I am always grateful to know that my Mom's best sometims was barely making it through the day. I am just like her, how lucky I am."

I think it's important to recognize that people are doing their best, even if it doesn't make them perfect. In fact, I think it's more important to be trying than to be perfect. Wise words, my friend :-)

Stacie said...

Hey Tausha
Your blog is so funny. You need to call me ASAP! I can't find your phone # anywhere!

Bridget said...

Sounds like the night before mother's day at my house ;o).

I love the bit about your mom, reminds me of my mom and I should probably call her today.