Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I so love it when my husband goes out of town. Actually, to tell the truth, I hate it! Why do i hate it you ask. Well, whenever my sweet man goes ANYWHERE-I have to pack him. Or, if I don't pack him, I must be in the same room and watch him so he can ask questions about every peice of furniture he puts in the bag. It would have been easier if I would have just packed the damn bag myself.
This trip was for work. He is a manager and they have incentive trips every3 months. He has to go. They want the spouses to go to. So, I usually look forward to these trips, but not this one. Hubby tried to talk me into it-but the idea of riding in a hummer up and down rocks and then going on a 5 mile hike-does not sound like my kind of fun! I know that there are some of you out there that think that this would be a total blast, sorry to say, I am not one of them. Give me a spa and some shopping and I am a happy camper! So-Hubby went down with a guy who is married, but his wife, was smart and opted to stay home also. It might have somthing to do with the fact that she has a month old baby, but, maybe not. He is also traveling with his friend, Bakes. Now, Bakes is a post all by himself, but I am too busy to talk about him, I would rather talk about me.
Now all you think about this car ride, hotel room and the whole trip in general. You all have husbands or know a man or two. They think that bodily functions are hillarious. So, 3 grown men in a very small car on a 4 hour car ride, stopping at gas stations to eat corn dogs and hot dogs and we can't forget the gas station burritos-yummy!! Imagine the smell in that little black car! Another great reason why I am staying home. If I just offended you by that last comment, I am really sorry, it's just a good thing that you don't live in my house, or you would be offended ALOT!

Another reason why I don't like it when my hubby leaves. It seams that when he goes, i have little or NO patience for my children and all their stupid antics. See, I have already lost patience with them-anytime i use the word "stupid or a swear word" the nice mother is GONE! She is replaced with this awaful , horrible woman who screams instead of talks. Who has this look that she gives that causes fear in the eyes of those who dare to look at her. In facct-I am so mad right now, I have to stop posting to put these little hethens to bed! I will have to finish this little "HAPPY" post later. Lucky you!


Crazycozartclan said...

Gotta love the business trips! It is really hard to play single mom. Hang in there! My husband is so busy with work/ church stuff he isn't hardly ever home even when he is "home" so I really do know how you feel. Put the kids to bed and turn on a girl movie and eat chocolate!

Chelsie said...

Ah man...I'm sorry Taush...where did they go this time? I agree though...when Brandon went on a business trip...I didn't realize how big of a difference it makes for him to change a diaper...or just be here at night. I do still have photoshop...I couldn't use it on our old laptop...but I can on this one. I'm not having a Modbe party...but I am going to one tomorrow night. You want to come? The book is pretty good! However, I talked my mother into buying I'm sure you can borrow it...but you'd have to wait for me, then Megan, then Lacie, and my cousin Pam to finish it might be a while! See you tomorrow when baby henry arrives!!!

Bonnie said...

Send them to my house. Then they could come home and be so glad that you are their mom. Not me. Sorry he is gone. I put mine to bed last night at 6:30!! Ken didn't get home until 8:30 this morning. So I had, had enough. I feel your pain.

Rachel B said...

I feel your pain. My hubby leaves on business trips for days at a time and i find that I do much better with his help, & I am always so grateful when he returns.
Did you get my email? If not email me at


HappyFLMom said...

Been there too. So sorry for you! I hope today is better.

elizasmom said...

Oh man. I hope today has gone better for you, but just keep focusing on that tiny car with that horrible smell and remember that you are LUCKY not to be there.

Also: I am sincerely rooting for you that hubby will pay you back in the form of a spa trip of your own after all that!