Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From the mouth of babes

Ok-here I sit-watching "Dancing with the stars with 6. Marissa-she is the cute girl from Hairspray musical. Anway-she is not the teeny tiniest person on the planet, but I think that she is darling!!
Anway 6 said
She is not that skinny.
You are not that skinny either.

Thanks 6!

For what it's worth, she did apologize after I told her it was rude. Damage has been done. I think that I will go and eat some more chocoalte. That always makes me feel better! Hope that your day is better than mine.


Crazycozartclan said...

I am trying not to laugh.... but not really succeding! Mine said something similar at breakfast today but one very deathly look from me stopped him mid sentence. Hang in there. I just finished my 3 brownie for the day. It really does make you feel better!

Rachel B said...

Oh I have heard something very much like this from more than 1 of my kids. Nothing like a self esteem booster ehh!
I will eat my crappy food tonight after the hethens have gone to bed.


Chelsie said...

Uh oh...while I read this I was eating ginger snaps with cream cheese frosting...and mine can't even talk yet....I'm in trouble. Oh 6...those girls are funny...they are going to love all this stuff you've written about them when they're older...my parents can't remember too much

Bonnie said...

My day was only better because you brought me some wonderful brownies. Thanks they were delicious. No I didn't share.

HappyFLMom said...

My Brianna who is 3 1/2 touched my hanging post-partum belly once and said "mommy, your tummy is squishy". "Yes, dear, and it all started with you."

Another time she told me to touch her belly to see how full it is. I played along. Then she touched mine and said "wow mommy you are fuller than me".

Again - "yes, dear, and it's partly your fault".


Megan Dinsdale said...

When we were throwing Lacie her baby shower a few years back, I was sitting on the couch and my cousin's little girl climbed into my lap, patted my belly and said 'baby too?' Needless to say i am sure I helped myself to a little extra dessert at that shower and cried myself to sleep that night :)

Jill said...

Been there, heard that.

I like to go along with happyflmom, and tell the kids that it's their fault. I also threaten to show them a few stretch marks.

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm pretty sure chocolate will clear that whole thing up.

Melissa said...

First of all... love the new blog look! :)
I got out of the shower one day and there stood Baby Girl. She said, "Your body is all lumpy bumpy! That's pretty funny Mom". Ah... kids are so sweet...