Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am confused!

Ok- I have to make a confession. I am getting some emails from all of you and not from some of you (u know who you are and yes, I need your info) And you just tell me your "real" name. This is great, but if your real name is nowhere on your blog-this does not help me! NO-not at all. So-to stop the confusion would you please be so kind to include all names, real and /or fictious.

I am going to get a button for the side var-but until this will have to do.
Swap Details:
Your first letter of your first or last name is the letter u will use.

You fill your box with things that either start with the letter of your first name or use that letter for a theme. Whichever your prefer.

You must do your best! You don't have to be "crafty" to use your imagination. Just make sure your box is something that you would love to receive.

you can't spend more than $10.00 This is to fill the box. This does not include the postage. You can get an emvelope from the Post Office if you prefer- Whichever works best. The POSTAGE is not included in the $10.

If you make things-great. They don't cost u anything-great! Just make your best judgement calls on those things. I have had a couple of questions about that, so I thought that I would clarify. :)

I will be sending you the info on your swap recieptant. (hopefully this week-if people cooperate)Go and check out her blog and come up with some fun ideas that she would enjoy.

Thanks for all the excitement in my first swap! I hope that it will rock and we will all want to do it again!

pps-i did not have time to spell check this post-still love me though!


Julie said...

I sent you my stuff.

Nicole said...

I'm excited to have you in the card swap. Your blog is way cute by the way. I'll keep in touch with more details, tell any friends that might be interested.


Jessica G. said...

Woohoo!! I love getting stuff in the mail. This ought to be fun. I just sent you my email info.

Chelsie said...

I am excited!!! We missed you you're feeling better! Love ya

elizasmom said...

I think I included my name and my blog in my email, didn't I?