Saturday, May 10, 2008


Ok-If you have not seen the movie
"P.S. I love You"
Go and watch it right now!
Bring some kleenex-you will so need them!

I have not loved a movie like this since Notebook!
Seriously-I cried the ENTIRE time.
Really-The whole time!
The entire, freaking, time!
Good thing I watched it at 11p.m.
by myself!
Every girl who is in love, needs to see this.
We are all girls.
Even if you are not in love, you need to see this
Heck, if you Want to be in Love
You need to see this!
You will love deeper!
You will love him deeper!
go watch it!-Right now!
What are you waiting for?
Go-Right now!
It is better than chocolate and everything else that is good!
Really-that good!
Unless you hate chick flicks(bonnie)
Then Download
Last Train Home
From the soundtrack

Your'e welcome!


Melissa said...

I haven't seen this movie... but I hate shows that make me cry... it always gives me a headache :)

Rachel B said...

Good to know as I have been wanting to see this flick! I'm always up for a good chick flick.


Chelsie said...

I'll have to rent that! And I'll have to do it without your brother...all chick flicks lose their cuteness when he is making fun of every line....

Alison Wonderland said...

Didn't see the movie but I read the book. CRIED. Does that count?

Thanks for coming by, come, comment and hook me up with your uncle. I'm not just using you for your publishing contacts. But I am going to take advantage. Be my new best friend?