Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FlOwErS for a JoB WeLL DoNe!!

Ok-so my hubby is still in Minnesota.

He told that he didn't buy me anything at the
He said that he couldn't decide.
There were too many stores, it overwhelmed him.
I thought he was lying.
He does that sometimes.
This time, he was not kidding.
Now, before you all think, what a punk!
He did give me something else.

Are they not the cutest flowers ever? For some of you, I am sure that this is a common occurance, but for me, this is HUGE! He has not ever sent me Flowers.

Thats a lie-he did give me flowers in college. They were beautiful, long stemmed Roses that smelled like peaches.
In the card he said,
"Here are your flowers. Kal"

This is the card that came with the flowers today.
He might not be Mr. Poetic, but I love him-Always.
Ok-now is the time to be Jealous. :)
On another note-I did accomplish some things today. YAY!!

I have a very narrow hall. I am not able to put a lot of fun,cutsy furniture in it because it is too narrow. Well, I decided to think out of the box today. You know, look around my house and see what I could use. (this is what I tell my clients ALL THE TIME!) Yes, I guess I am a little slow.

This is what I came up with. This super cute table has been everywhere in my house, except here. I think that I like it best here.
Sorry-I know that the picture is not the best, but it is kind of hard to take a picture of your hall.

I have never really liked anything on the wall in my hall-but last night, I had an epiphany!

I took empty picture frames, roughed them up a little and hung them. I didn't like them empty so I took out my CRICUT and did some words with vinyl. The cute parenthesis and hearts were done in paper and then I ran through my zyron machine. (it makes stuff sticky) I need to still fuss up the frames, but I like the overall effect, what do you think?

Now on to the next project!


Rachel said...

Wow love the flowers! What a good husband. I love LOVE LOVE your green table. And your frames turned out so cute. I finally dusted off my Cricut last night, & I helped my 10 yr old with a state project and we used the cricut to cut out the name. See I do use mine... Now while it's still out I should cut out some vinyl, ya think? :)!!


Rachel said...

Seriously did I mention I ♥love♥ your green table?


Melissa said...

The flowers are awesome! I have always loved gerbera daisies :D
And the frames look great! Love the vinyl inside! Very fun!

Joy said...

Love the new hall decor! Very creative!

Bonnie said...

Adorable, You are so talented!!!! I want to be you.

Alison Wonderland said...

So cute and without being really cutesy, which I just can't get into.
And well done on having a husband who sends flowers. I'm jealous.

Natelli Johnston said...

I found your blog through Rochelle's (sounds like you just found hers) cute blog and those flowers are super duper cute! Are you related to Cam Hoyt from cache Valley by chance? any way I had fun reading your blog and thought I would say hi.

Shirlee said...

Pretty flowers and I love the colours. He did good!
I think I might casually mention to my DH that it's been a looong time since he bought me flowers. See if he gets the hint. :)
Your hall project turned out nice. I really like that green table.

Julie said...

wow congrats on getting flowers and love the pictures.

HappyFLMom said...

You are so creative. I love it all. Very, very cute.

Heidi Reed

Natelli Johnston said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! I think my sister is going to be okay. The church has really helped a lot and we are working on getting them home. Fun to have a new freind!

Lori said...

Commenting on so many levels here...
First, love the gerber daisies! I'm going to have to mention something to Joaquin. And very nice of your husband to send you those but he needs to buy them more often. I'll have a talk with him...

Second, you have a cricut and a xyron and you don't call yourself a scrapbooker? I love the green table and the frame idea. I may need to send you some vinyl so you can make some words for me!

Third, has nothing to do with post but about September, let us know when you are thinking. We are going to be out if town for part of it but we'd love to see you all again!

Megan Dinsdale said...

I LOVE gerber daisies - that is what we had at my wedding. I think that gift is just right and I am not into mooshy poems so I like his note ;) Look at you being all creative with your decor - you are only making me more jealous of your Cricut!

Nicole said...

CUTE!!! I love that little green table, and the flowers are gorgeous. I have to have a baby to get flowers from my gubby. I'm so jealous you have a cricut, are they tons of fun?

Kelley said...

Your hubby is SO sweet to think of you. Beautiful flowers! Your hallways is so cute! Perfect even! You are so dang creative I can't believe it. I want to copy now. hehe. So, Thanks for the inspiration.

Rochelle said...

Hey cute blog! I too like Natelli wondered if you know any Hoyts from Ollalla Washington?

Debra said...

You are AMAZINGLY talented! I would have NEVER thought about doing that with the Cricut machine and empty frames!!! Now I will not pass those frames at Goodwill over anymore!! Thanks!

BTW.. Mall of America IS very overwhelming, even for a shopaholic like me. I got a headache there!

Those are my FAV flowers! WTG hubby!

Jessica G. said...

Wow! Too cute!

Okay, we are going to have to do a trade...I'll make birthday cakes and you come tell me what the heck am I supposed to do to my

The Nester said...

This is fantastic! Really, really great idea--especially if you have one of those xyz machine things!