Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Fun!

We had a busy weekend.We all went to graduation dinner-my 2 brothers and brother in law all graduated from WSU-so my dear dad took us all to dinner at the Prarie Schooner. If you are not from here-you don't know that this restaurant is a steak house that is set in the old west. You eat in convered wagons by lantern light-The girls loved it! The food was super ymmy- but the company was better!!

Cooper coop! Guess who is 1! He is cute that i can't not kiss him!

The whole crew minus my people. There was not enough room for us all.
Hailey is my sis-in-law on the left-she is ready to have a baby any day now-yes-i feel bad for her too. i told her, this is the worst part-promise! I wouldn't want to scare her with any thing else that can be pretty crappy!!

8 had a program at school about her best friend-they sang songs and said poems, it was cute. They also drew pics of their spcial friends-8 picked my mom-her pic. made me laugh out loud.
She was right on. what do you think?
They were just the cutest 2nd graders that you have ever seen!


Lori said...

How fun! I've never heard of that place but it sounds like a good time. And congrats to everyone for graduating! It's good to see everyone in pictures at least. And Marci - is that new jacket??? I guess maybe not anymore...

Chelsie said... sandwich was even better the next day. Ha...I love the half smile my son is pullin in that picture. 8 is quite the artist!! I love her hair that she drew for Marci...:-)

Megan Dinsdale said...

MMMMMM Prarie Schooner's roast beef sandwish is super yummy! Looks like you guys had quite the eventful weekend. I asure it was even better because I got to be a part of it ;) It was good to see you and to chit chat about our 'fun' families :)

Rachel B said...

Tausha!!!! Did you not get my email that I sent you? I was going to talk scrap/blog stuff with you you can email me at