Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Laundry gets a new home!

have you ever just felt like you were crazy in every sense of the word? Please tell me that all mom's feel this way and i am not the only one in the mom universe that feels like this.
So-call me crazy if you must, but, i really like having a spot to do laundry. When we bought our house-i was ecstatic that the laundry was upstairs in a closet. YEs! I always thought that I wanted this. Now-i know that i was wrong.
I really like the fact that the washer is close to all the things that make the clothes dirty. I don't like it that it is a closet. I have nowhere to put clothes. They are either all over the hall-or-in the most likely place, my bedroom.
I am one of those people who think that their room should be a place of rest. A place to relax-get away from your troubles and your kids.
This was not the most relaxing place when it was covered with laundry.
So, i made an executive decision-i needed my spare room back. A room to keep laundry in and have a table for crafts and crap. A place to go and be crafty and not have to share my glue or sparkles with anyone under the age of 8.
Much to my husbands discontent-we moved 6 down to 8 room. 8 has a big, pink room that was plenty big that they could share. It's only temporary-were going to frame the space next to it in a couple of months.
I thounght this whole transition would be pretty simple. Move the bed and her stuff and be done. I was wrong-very, very wrong. 3 1/2 hours later i had just finished vacuuming and threatening that if this room was messy-anywhere-including under beds, closets, corners, wherever little people shove stuff, that they would be sorry, very, very sorry!
It was worth it-after much swearing and sweating my laundry finally has a home. A home that is gloriously empty. Life is better.
Yes-this did take a long time to post-but i figured it was sunday and you all needed something to read.


Chelsie said...

I'm glad that they are now referred to as numbers.... :-) Love ya!

Lybbert's said...

Your comment, "have a table for crafts and crap." made me laugh out loud! Even still, I have the giggles just thinking about that phrase. It so adquately sums it all up! lol!!!

Crazycozartclan said...

Nice! I have a laundry room/mudroom and I've decided that laundry rooms should not share with anything! Next house.... my laundry room will ROCK!

Jill said...

In our last house, we had the upstairs laundry closet, along with the constant pile of laundry in the hall.
In our current home, we have an actual laundry room :0)
The room isn't very big, and we still have the usual pile of laundry on the floor, however, I can now close the door so we don't need to look at it.
And I can walk down my hallway without tripping over clothes.

Lori said...

So, now that you have a spare room for crafts and crap and of course laundry - you can do your own scrapbooking!

barlows said...

Gosh! You could be nesting with that rearranging! I LOVE to fantasize about having my own room for my "stuff" (which is mostly crap for which we don't have anywhere else to permenantly store it).

Totally off topic, though, I am glad you commented again. Somehow I saved your site to one specific blog and I was all worried that something major had happened since you hadn't blogged in a while. Well, apparantly you have and I just haven't been reading all the goings on. SOO, excited about the job chart, dishwasher, Vegas trip, etc. Fun stuff.

Bonnie said...

You did a great job. I am so glad you have space for that. I hate laundry mess!

Jessica G. said...

Laundry is a never-ending chore! I have a sign in my laundry room (yeah, a room but no shelves!) that keeps me motivated: "Love is...having clean underwear."