Saturday, April 5, 2008

Girls Night Out

We got to have a girls night out. I say "got to" like it is never possible.
Come on, I have 3 girls who happen to live with me.
So, a girls night out is really not a once in a lifetime experience.

Even though we get to have these all the time, there was a special reason for tonight's gathering. For those of you who read my blog and are not familiar with the LDS church, the next bit of info will confuse you. 2wice a year we have general conference and part of general conference is the priesthood session. It is a meeting that all the men attend.

So, us girls have a special tradition, we go out to dinner somewhere and then do something fun after. My lovely little sis was out of town, my one sister in law was at her mom's and my other sister in law is VERY pregnant and VERY tired so she stayed home. So, it was just me and my girls and my mom.

We went to Godfathers Pizza and had yummy food and a really good time. It was a all you can eat buffet, so my girls thought that it was pretty cool that they could go up themselves and get whatever kind of pizza they wanted, plus all the pop they could drink. (or, what mom would LET them drink) 8 said that it was the best night of her life. I don't know if i would go that far, but it was pretty fun. I even took pics to prove it. After dinner we came home and watched "enchanted" The girls love this show, it is all about princesses, frilly dresses and singing. We can't go wrong whith a show like this at our house. It was a fun night, and i am very glad that all the little people at our house are in their beds. I know that at least one is not asleep, but she is away from me and not talking and talking and talking. It is amazing how much a 3 year old can talk. Truly Astounding! I am sorry, i guess that i am on a adjective kick tonight-so sorry!


Chelsie said...

How fun! I'm not quite sure I would have been able to chew the pizza anyways...but you do know I love Godfathers!

Crazycozartclan said...

I love it! We did something similar with my sisters. It is still quite a struggle for us though. The oldest is 6 and we have 3 VERY active 4 year olds and an independent 18 month old. It's pretty much just WWF wrestling without the costumes. But it was fun. Your night out seemed much less rowdy than mine. I am glad that you had fun!