Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vegas Baby!

i am ashamed of myself. I have yet to post in such a long time. Go ahead, think I'm a slacker, i don't care.
Well, this past weekend we went to VEGAS. It was so very, very FUN! Yes, it was fantastic weather! 80 degrees. Not stupid snow and rain and wind like all you Utah people had while i was gone.
No, we did not go to the strip Vegas, we went to the really nice, i wouldn't mind living there Vegas. We went and stayed with my Aunt and 2 cousins. We hadn't seen them in a really long time, so it was great time.
Well-it was a great time for us. All we did was shop. I don't think that they thought we were really serious when we said that all we want to do is shop. Well, we really fooled them, all we really did was shop, and shop and shop. I got my whole spring wardrobe. Super cute and super fabulous. I think that we should go back every season, so we can look fabulous and get it for much cheaper that here.
No, i will not be posting any pictures. Why you ask. Well, this super fun trip, caused super fun swelling and in all the pics-i look like a great big fat chipmunk. I looked terrible. My feet looked something like a ogre's. My hands looked like i got stung and forgot to take a bendadryl. Really, they are terrible. So, you will just have to imagine. Sorry. When i wear my super cute new clothes, i'll take a pic and post so you can see my super cute clothes.

So, to my fam in Vegas-you guys rock and we all had a really great time and i want you to all invite us back. thanks Jes for the house, super cute. Thanks LeeAnn for the yummy food and for making us feel so welcome and for also being my favorite aunt! Thanks Lori-for driving us all over and driving us again, and for having such a super cute Ellie-she is darling and you should be proud that you are such a great mom.
So-people-want to escape Utah-go to Vegas-the good vegas. I guarantee that you will have a great time! We didn't buy ALL the shoes!


Lori said...

Are you sure you didn't buy all the shoes?
I'm glad you guys had fun - come on back down anytime! Hope you're feeling better!

Crazycozartclan said...

I am glad you had fun! You totally suck by the way. Remember when I used to call everyone a big fat jerk. But only if I liked them! Well there ya go. I am so stinking sick of the weather I have been cheering myself up with some serious retail therapy myself (my poor more ways than one : ) Glad to have you back. Sorry you aren't feeling well

Chelsie said...

I'm glad you guys had a good many shoes did you buy? I heard shawni bought like girls are nuts!

Melissa said...

We've driven through, but never stopped in Vegas... maybe we should!!