Thursday, April 10, 2008

and they all SMILED while they WORKED!

Ok- some genius mom figured this little chore system out. Props to her. I did add my own little spin on it though. My kids are hurrying home to do their work so they can play the Wii or have extra time with friends.

They love getting their little tokens and I like to think that this helps them take pride in their work in addition to learning how to work. (at least learning how to do it my way)

So-I made a little flip chart with thier jobs on it for each day of the week. I am one of those mean moms who don't think that their kids should be rewarded for doing the every day things like, hair, brushing teeth and getting dressed. In our house, one of the tickets to being able to live here is keeping a clean room-so they don't get props for that either.

Since I also have a child who can't read-hers has pics.

And this is my prize system. I hope that you can see it ok-sorry the pic is kind of blurry. They have to earn for tv time, wii time, extra play time, special treats from the prize bucket etc..
My 3 doesn't quite get this whole concept-so she has a different prize- She really wants a strawberry shortcake bedspread-so she has to earn 20 stickers and then she can have it. So-this is her special little card.

So far so good. It seems to be working and helping our family. Maybe you mom's out there are way smarter than I, and have already implemented a working chore system. i am just a little slow with finding one that works.
On a different note-Look what I got today!

yea-i already had each of these appliances-they just worked like crap! You know-in my opinion-a dishwasher should-i don't know-clean the dishes. Mine-does not do this. So, i guess i did enough complaing and my sweet husband bought me a new one. While he was at it-he bought a stove too. I told him, just because i got a dishwasher and stove DOES NOT mean that i will clean more or cook more.


Chelsie said...

I'm impressed taush! I'm going to have to refer to this post when coop gets a little older. yeah for new appliances!!! sorry i was at wal mart when you called earlier...i don't have anything planned though for hay's shower, so i'm game for anything

Bonnie said...

It all looks great. Good luck, I am sure I will hear how it is going.

Kelley said...

I am so glad that you posted that chore chart system...I have been looking EVERYWHERE for something for Mckay. So thanks! I am gonna try that. Congrats on the new appliances too!

Emily said...

HOw do you get them to smile? My kids just complain!

Lori said...

Nice going. I thought you would have implemented something a lot sooner! I wish I could bookmark this post for future reference. I may just have to email you in a few months!

elizasmom said...

That's a great system. When Eliza gets bigger, I think I am going to try something similar, I think. Thanks for the tip!