Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super Fabulous Giveaway

This girls site has the most amazing, darling quilts that I have ever seen. You can buy a pattern or the quilt itself. But, I love giveaways, even though, i have never won one. She is giving away a absoulately darling quilt. So-go and check it out and maybe you might win! I will hate you if you do-but you might.
Also-when you go and leave a comment, put that you found her through me.

Good luck all!

Kathleen-I love her quilts! If i bought a pattern, would you help me get the fabric and then make it for me? Or how about, I help you make it for me?
Remember how much you love me?!!
Here is the link that I was talking about-also go to is a link on the side. I want the purse pattern and the freshly squeezed square, scalloped runner. So-I am hoping that you are going to help me out.


Lybbert's said...

Hmph. Over 300 entries on her blog... don't think I'll join. But hey! Good luck!!!