Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yummy EASY QUICK Dinner

Yes-your kids will eat this! Even the most picky, I promise!

Chicken Pillows
2 can crescent Rolls-i use low fat
4 oz. cream cheese-low-fat/fat free-whatever Has to be Philidelphia
3 heaping spoon fulls of Sour Cream-Daisy Low fat
1 Can of chicken-drained and shredded.
garlic powder, onion salt, salt and pepper
now-mix all this together-and taste it. It should taste like a yummy dip. My kids can't keep their fingers out of it.

Open Crescent rolls-roll out on cookie sheets. Add spoonful of chicken mix to crescent-roll up. I push the sides in as i roll.
Spray the rolls with spray butter or brush with melted butter-ass crushed crackers on top of each roll. We like Ritz the best-but whatever you have got will work.
bake 350-about 15 mins-until golden

Serve with Rice-we use microwave with chicken broth instead of water. Gravy mix out of a packet.
My kids like these without gravy so they can pick them up and eat them. Adults tend to like them with rice underneath and gravy on top.

This whole dinner takes about 20 mins to make,cook and serve. No thinking required. You all should have it for dinner tomorrow night.

Lor-this one was posted just for you. Make it-you will like it!


Chelsie said...

We had these last night for dinner and Coop loved them. I make mine a little different, but the same concept! I think I emailed Lori the recipe for mine...dum dum dum...she'll have to be the judge of whose is better! JK

elizasmom said...

Oooh. My kid loves crescent rolls. Wonder if I can get her to eat these? I'll have to put them on my list to try...

Melissa said...

We love these! We usually put cream of chicken soup over the top for the gravy... so good! When the kids aren't looking, I'll add things like almonds to them :)

Chelsie said...

ha i just re-read this and it says spray with melted butter-ass crushed crackers...

Lori said...

Taush, Yes Chelsie did send these down but I'll have to try your version. Keep the easy recipes coming!