Monday, April 21, 2008

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Now that I got your attention. Ok-So I was looking at some ads today. If you don't already know, I am kind of a coupon freak. I am not as good as others, but I can hold my own. Anyway, this weak, featured in Rite Aid's ad is :


This sweat-absorbing, friction-fighting wonder powder will keep you gloriously dry and comfortable during everyday manly chainsaw juggling.

And now, here are some of the comments on the page that random people left-

I bought this for my stinky, sweaty feet. It has really helped with the sweating and the foot acne. Thanks Monkey Butt!

First of all-what the heck is foot acne? Is that a real thing? Grose and ow!

Ok-I Promise, I did not make this up! Had to post this though-totally too funny not too. This should all make your monday a little brighter!


Stowers Family said...

I was wondering what that was!

Chelsie said...

oh my heavens that's awesome. i think we've found the next gift for the workman christmas party

Crazycozartclan said...

Michael thinks you should send that ad to Jay Leno he always does those bits on funny ads. That is funny! :)

Bridget said...

That cracks me up! Foot acne... that's a new one. I'll have to show this to my husband, he'll love it!