Friday, April 25, 2008

A Copy Post!

So, I was just over at my blogging friend Jill's blog. Her post today was all the funny things that her kids have said. So-I figured that I would copy her. It will do me good to see my children in a good light-I have about had it with my shedevil aka 3! Notice the time-it is only 12p.m.

When my oldest was little, probably about 2. It had been one of those espescially trying days that young moms have. I was trying to get her shoes on. Little people shoes are such a pain to put on. The cuter, the harder! So-she was kicking and I was trying to get the strap where it was supposed to be. I had had it! I blew out my breath in a exasperated sigh and said,

"Kinli-I have lost my patience with you!"

She sweetly looked at me and said,

"Don't worry Mom, I will go and get it for you!"

How can you stay mad at that?


So, My 6 is very tender and worries about everyone. She is the little girl who loves to play with cabbage patch's and tuck them in at night. She is such a sweet sister to the little blue eyed devil!

She is very concerned about all walks of life including all types of animals-except snakes! (she told me to write that) She takes things very literally and always willing to help.

It was an exceptional blustery day! I was putting away groceries and talking on the phone and noticed that I had a letter that needed to be put in the mailbox. I asked Hannah to go outside and put it in the mailbox and make sure to put the flag up!

Kal walked in about 3minutes later and asked me why Hannah was putting up the LARGE American Flag by the mailbox. I busted a gut! We were both laughing when Hannah came in in tears because she thought we were laughing at her, not at what she had done. I couldn't even stop laughing to explain to her what she did. I know, I am a terrible mother, but picture a small little 5yr. old blonde little girl, trying to put the flag up by the mailbox. The flag is much bigger than she is and it was windy! Seriously-hillarious!!!


Let's see. which do I pick for Blue Eyed Devil Child.

One night, we were saying prayers and I was helping her. I whispered in her ear,

"Please Bless us."

She repeated,

"and please Bless Texas"

Everyone of us cracked up! It was way too funny not to laugh.

The other day I wanted a sip of Sprite she looked at me and said,

"Sprite is for little kids, Diet Coke is for Moms!"

What am I teaching her?

The other day, we were at a restaurant, and please tell me that you all know how 3 year olds are and they say what they think, without thinking.

Hey Mom look-that lady has a baby in her tummy that is not born! She was NOT pregnant!

or how about-

Mom-look at that guy, he has girl sunglasses on! He did not have girl sunglasses on!

She cracks me up-when we go to our favorite mexican restaurant she tries to speak spanish. Very funny!

Oh-and last night, she was at the grocery store with Kal. There was a little black baby in the cart right by them.

She said,

"look Dad, that baby has a mustache!"

That one was not too funny, Kal said he didn't think that they heard her! I hope so!

And to think-all of these funny little things all came out of her mouth in the past week! Oh, what fun things we have to look forward next week!
Now-all you mom's that read my blog-with children that talk, I tag you all to write a post about all the funny things that they say. You will all thank me. I will accept gifts, if you want to show me how thankful you really are!


Bonnie said...

Adorable, Adorable, Adorable. They are priceless.

HappyFLMom said...


I love your hair! Very cool!


Chelsie said...

Oh my heavens, they crack me up. I still like when Grace said about the 1st they will live on grandma's coffee table now? :-) They're too cute. See you tomorrow!

Rachel B said...

Those are great! How cute are your girls!! I love your sassy hair do as well. Okay I know, NOW I am going to bed.. No more your blog reading at least for today.


Melissa said...

Too funny! The other day my Baby Girl said "Look mom! That lady is OLD!" Yeah. So fun :)

Jill said...

So cute!
Kid sure have a different way of looking at the world.
After I wrote that post, I remembered more things that my kids have done, so I wrote about them again today.
Since then, I've remembered a few more.
Kids provide endless material to write about.