Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Am I Alone?

seriously people, tell me the truth-do any of you do this? Anyone? Or am I alone on this one? Please tell me the truth! I love my kids, i really really do. When bedtime rolls around at our house, it can't come soon enough! By the time the 8 o'clock is here-you can pretty much just roll me up in a ball and shove me down the stairs ?????

"i don't care! Go to bed!"
"Mom, I need a drink."
"I don't care! Go to bed!"
My tommy hurts mom."
"I don't care! Go to bed!"
Mom, I just......
I DON'T CARE!!!!!! GO TO BED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, i was pounding the exclamation point!
Am i alone?


Lybbert's said...

You really had to ASK?!? I'm laughing because that is pretty much what just occurred a few minutes ago!

Bonnie said...

I just typed this long comment and it disapeared. How frustrating. I know the awnser to the previous post. She cracks me up.
I have said I don't care so often that my oldest just looks at me and says " I know, I know, you don't care. You don't care about anything." I then have to explain to him it isn't that I don't care. It's that I don't care about his excuses. You are not alone.

bon said...

My mom used to set the clocks ahead; usually she could only get away with 15 min here and 10 min there, so I never understood why she would be so dishonest for so little. At least until I had kids of my own. It is crystal clear to me NOW.

Lori said...

Oh, I can't wait for those days to come my way!

Melissa said...

Oh, no, you're not alone! Not even close. We have one child that gets up to go to the bathroom. Then he gets up to get a drink. And then he has to go to the bathroom again... is it so wrong to tie them in their beds?

Crazycozartclan said...

Nope not alone! I believe that nap time and bed time are the best hours of the day hands down. I am almost giddy when it's alomst time!

Chelsie said...

Ha, bless their hearts! They just have so much fun with you during the day they just don't want to go to bed! :-) Looking forward to those days!