Monday, April 14, 2008


You know when you make all of these great plans in your head and get all excited to get them done and crossed off your list?
Well, i did this last night. i made a list at target and jo-annes and a quick trip to the d.i. The goal was to get all of this done before 6 got home from school (11:30) So, we wake up late 7:45, and so we were all running around like a bunch of idiots!
hubby decides that he is sick, so he stays home.
I get done running around with the girls to get ready for school and decide, oh, i will just lay down for a minute.
OH-i wake up at 10:45!
So much for making plans and sticking to them. Maybe I can squeeze them in tomorrow. Send good vibes my way.
Pretty pathetic that i was so ticked that i couldn't get my stuff done. Oh well, it's only Monday right?


Lybbert's said...

I hate it when that happens! Better luck this week!

Chelsie said...

Ah that's the worst! I'll definitly be sending good vibes to you tomorrow! Good luck!!

Crazycozartclan said...

I am not quite sure how sad I feel for ya. On one hand you didn't get your stuff done. (I totally know how that feels!) On the other hand who gets to go back to sleep in until 10:45????? How is that possible. With my 3 little creatures NEVER! All 3 up before 7 every single day. You can get it all done another day. Just be thankful for the R & R. : )

Scawni said...

Ok you are on my screen name-- It is getting confusing.I hope you didn't leave any comments on any other blogs that I don't know. I got these really weird comments about Juno from Lori and Chelsie- I was so confused. I used your computer yesterday and made a comment- So it is still on my name----

Jill said...

You probably really needed the nap.
I've pretty much given up napping. I've found that nothing good ever happens if I'm asleep when everyone else is awake.

Kelley said...

Hey, I want to invite you to one of my portrait parties, but I need your address. If that is ok, my email is you can email it to me :)

ps. Your post sounds like one of my typical days. I even write out a "To Do" list every day and barely 1/2 of them get crossed off.